Retire by the beach

Where to retire abroad?

Pros and cons of a few popular destinations in Europe where you could retire for a life under the sun.

kayaking in the sea

4 things to do at sea in Jersey

There’s more to the sea than going for a dip or eating fish in a retaurant. Here are 4 things you can do at sea off the island of Jersey.

Sea crossing at Dover

To France by ferry

Ditch the plane and travel the old-fashioned way – across the seas. Except that you get better amenities and get to take your car with you. Find out what else you get using the ferry.

Fun train ride

5 day trips from London by train

Whether venturing south to Stonehenge or as far north as Hull, all these journeys and back are possible by train from London. So don’t wait to start exploring England in 1-day trips.