To France by ferry

Sea crossing at Dover

With the financial crisis still affecting us all in some way it’s good that you can at least find a way to enjoy a great value holiday in France…or Belgium and Holland if you fancy travelling that little bit further.

The ferry option

Sea crossing at Dover

When it comes to travel costs taking one of the cross channel ferries to France takes a lot of beating.

There’s also the added bonus that, when you take the car ferry to France, there aren’t any baggage restrictions. So you can take as much as you can get in the car, and that includes passengers!!

Most of ferry prices include the cost of taking your car and a certain number of passengers. Take MyFerryLink for example, the cost you pay includes the car and up to 9 passengers. So, if you work out the cost per passenger it will be really very low.

Indeed, MyFerryLink believe they offer the cheapest ferries to France with prices from £19 each way on their any duration ticket. So, if you were to travel for £19 one way and you had 9 passengers in total that would be just over £2 per person!!

Onboard the ferries, you’ll find amenities including restaurants, a bar, shop and children’s play area, great offers on perfumes, beer, wine etc, so you can make even more savings compared to high street prices.

The trip doesn’t start  in France but onboard the ferry!

Let loose in France

Once in France, which only takes 90 minutes by the way, you’ll find all sorts of bargains awaiting you.

There are a number of major shopping malls, one being Cité Europe in Calais, which is definitely worth a visit, especially as within Cité Europe there’s a large Carrefour supermarket where you can buy just about anything, with many offers available.

A little further on from Calais, but not that far and quite an easy drive is Lille, with many shops including a large Designer Outlet for money off all your favourite designer labels.

Remember, you’ll have your car with you, so not only can you drive afar but you can also fill the car up with shopping without having to worry about luggage restrictions. Bye bye Easyjet and Ryanair!

Here’s something to help:

What you get then

If you are still undecided between taking the plane or the ferry, the following list should help. The ferry option to France certainly saves you money all around:

  • Low price ticket
  • The bigger your group, the cheaper the ticket
  • Stretch your legs, move around, eat, drink, play and do some shopping
  • Unrestricted luggage allowance
  • Duty-free on selected items on board
  • No need to hire a car once on firm ground

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the savings and have more to spend on your holiday. I’m off to the continent now.



What say you?