5 day trips from London by train

Fun train ride

Sometimes the perfect trips are only one day long. Each of these historical English destinations is only a short train ride outside of London and sure to bring joy to the entire family.

Fun train ride

1. City of Hull

Founded in the 12th century, the city of Hull is located about 310 km north of London. Travelling by train take only a brief 2.5-hour journey out of the capital city. The Deep is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hull. Built underground alongside the Humber estuary, The Deep houses a massive complex of aquariums. Visitors can explore the aquariums by taking an elevator that moves through a tank containing over 3,500 different species of fish. For visitors looking for historical attractions, Hull hosts several large museums. Museums of particular interest are the Ferens Art Gallery, Hull and East Riding Museum, and the Hull Maritime Museum.

2. Stonehenge

Stonehenge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a prehistoric ring of huge stones. While the actual function of the structure is unknown, researchers believe the structure served in a religious capacity or as a burial ground. Carbon dating suggests the stones were moved to their current state around 2000 BC. The mystery surrounding the purpose of the stones adds to the excitement of exploring the ruins as a tourist. Trains from London can reach Salisbury, just outside of the Stonehenge site, in about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Stonehenge is only a 13 km bus ride away from Salisbury. Avebury is a nearby prehistoric rock structure that should not be missed if already going to Stonehenge.

3. City of Bath

The ancient city of Bath is only a 90-minute train ride from London. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bath is best known as an original Roman bathing site. Natural hot springs provide mineral-rich water for bathing. If tourists want to participate in an authentic Roman bath, they can visit the Thermae Bath Spa. While the baths are the main attraction, tourists will find the Royal Victoria Gardens and the Royal Crescent to be worth the trip alone.

Roman bath open to the public

4. White Cliffs of Dover

A train from London to Dover only takes about 1 hour. Tourists looking for one of the most scenic views of the English coastline should venture towards the White Cliffs. Visitors at the White Cliffs can even see the French border across the English Channel. The cliffs maintain historical significance due to their important role in defending the nation from attack before air travel. Both the Port of Dover and Dover Castle are good attractions to spend time at during the day.

5. City of Liverpool

Any Beatles fan will enjoy exploring the city where the rock band was founded. A brief train ride away, the city of Liverpool offers a wealth of original Beatles attractions. The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour even takes tourists to dozens of sites such as Strawberry Field and Penny Lane. Train rides from London to Liverpool generally take about 2.5 hours. However, people who are not fans of the Beatles can still find something to appreciate about the city of Liverpool. History buffs will enjoy exploring the city that saw 40 percent of the world’s trade during the 1800s.


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