4 things to do at sea in Jersey

kayaking in the sea

If you like the sea, here are a few ideas of things to do in Jersey.

kayaking in the sea

Sailing holidays in Jersey – how big is yours?

If you want to do some sailing on holiday you can hire a small dinghy or charter a large yacht with a full crew, and everything in between, such as catamarans. Whether you’re experienced or a beginner you’ll enjoy sailing around offshore reefs and discovering the diverse coastline from a different perspective, the sea.

Sail into harbours and moor up while you enjoy lunch in a local fish restaurant, before continuing to enjoy the wildlife and scenery as you set sail again around the rest of the island.

Charter a boat and see another side to Jersey

When you charter a boat you’ll experience another side to Jersey. For starters you’ll be out at sea looking back to shore realising how beautiful this Channel Island really is as well as watching the dolphins jump in and out of the Atlantic Ocean.
Ever raced a catamaran? Well on a Jersey holiday you can, or you can simply sail around the island, maybe over to France, or enjoy a bit of snorkelling around one of the reefs, or scuba dive to a sunken ship wreck.

If it’s a romantic short break to Jersey you’re looking for you may fancy dinner onboard a boat drinking champagne as the sun goes down, leaving all the hard work to the boat’s skipper.

There’s more to see with a kayak

Instead of chartering a boat you could rent a kayak and explore the island’s coastline. You’ll soon see that it’s a great way to explore parts of the island that quite simply you otherwise wouldn’t see. There are coves and caves up in the north just waiting to be discovered, full of a variety of wildlife, in areas that are so remote you’d never find them, but with a kayak you can get up close and personal.

If you don’t want to venture too far you could just ride the waves on the west coast around St Ouen’s Bay, or you could simply paddle gently off one of the south coast’s sandy beaches.

They say Jersey is one of the top kayaking destinations in the world.

Fishing on a Jersey holiday – yes there is a catch!

With offshore reefs, sunken ships, harbours, caves and coves and one of the highest tides in the world a Jersey fishing holiday is a must for fishing enthusiasts.

There are rivers and streams too but the sea is where it’s at.

Up on the north coast there are coastal rocks to fish off, or there are harbour walls. Or maybe you want to hire a boat and get out to sea, where you’ll find mullet, sea bass, conger eels, bream, turbot, rays…all waiting to be caught by you.

Fish of the boat and you’ll be amazed at the great variety of fish available to catch and that the sea bass you just caught will be great on the BBQ later!

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