How to get tailor-made package holidays right

When you think of a package tour what comes to mind? Being stuck on stuffy buses with noisy travellers? Always rushing and never having enough time to take in the sights?

Tour packages have come a long way in recent years, especially in the tailor-made sector. In fact, planning a holiday with an independent streak is probably best done with the guidance.

Singapore at night

An Asian dream

Fascinating history, culture, architecture customs and cuisines meet in stunning Asian destinations like Thailand, China and Malaysia making them eternally popular with visitors from the West. With so much choice on offer, the question is where to start? A combination of your imagination and a travel pros practicality will answer that question.

Tour types

Think for a minute about the kind of holiday you want. Do you want to focus on food? Are you after something romantic? Are you tempted by the excitement of Asian cities or would you like to combine town and country in a single trip? These days, you start with the ideas and, with a little bit of guidance, a tailor-made tour is created.

Choosing the right place

Asia has so many vibrant capitals that many visitors decide to focus on travelling to a selection of these urban centres. With the right advice, you won’t need to waste time exploring (unless you want to, of course) because the nightlife and attractions that appeal to you will be included in the itinerary. Singapore, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur, here we come!


Thinking about a tailor-made trip to an Asian destination wouldn’t be complete without a mention of beaches. The white-sand beaches of Bali, Thailand and Malaysia are amongst the most beautiful in the world. Who wouldn’t want to spend days on end in the shade of a palm tree with cocktail in hand while listening to the waves?

The honeymoon option

Asian destinations are full of remote islands which are one reason why it is a popular choice for special romantic trips like honeymoons or anniversary celebrations. You have to walk hand-in-hand with your loved one along a beach while the sun is setting at least once in your life so why not check out the numerous options in Asia?

Once in a while a family decides to make an extra-special trip to bring them together and to create wonderful memories. Asian countries offer all sorts of possibilities in family island resorts and on nature treks. Think elephants!

The possibilities for a tailor-made tour are almost endless with the exploration half the pleasure, so why not book your trip today?

What say you?