Top three things to do on a Kavos holiday

Boatful of fun in Kavos

The nightlife in Kavos is legendary. From late night karaoke to midday foam parties, if you are looking for nights filled with dancing, drinking and making new friends then this is the place for you. Originally a small fishing town, Kavos has been transformed into the must go holiday destination for British under thirties.

Located on a southern tip of the beautiful Greek Island of Corfu, life in the town is dominated by the long strip of bars, clubs and restaurants. Most of the people who work in the resort are English, promoting the non-stop nightlife, and by the look of their tan and smiles, they are having just as much fun as the holidaymakers.

Boatful of fun in Kavos


You can’t come to Kavos and not sample the fantastic nightlife. It is the main attraction of the resort and it doesn’t disappoint. There are a huge range of places to visit and most hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants are within a 20 minute walk of each other.

It’s agreed that there are two main clubs to hit when you have finished your night out in the bars, Futures or Atlantis. Atlantis lets you unwind on the beach with some great music and Futures is the place to go for late night partying. The Rolling Stone club is open late for rock and indie music with great cocktails and friendly bar staff.

If clubbing isn’t your thing, there is a wide selection of quieter bars and restaurants which stay open most of the night.

Water sports

Kavos offers the usual range of holiday water sports with one exhilarating exception. The Crazy Speedboat reaches speeds of 75mph on a two-hour trip to the island’s Blue Lagoon and is certain to clear your head from the night before. You can book online before you travel, but it’s easy to buy tickets from the beach when you arrive.

There are long stretches of sandy beaches to meander along or sunbathe on during your days in Kavos. There are boat trips and excursions available for those who have slept off their hangover and are ready for a bit of adventure. I would highly recommend a day trip to the Greek mainland, the food is great and it makes a nice change from lounging by the pool.


I know that the main reason for anyone to book a holiday in Kavos is to party, but while you’re there try and pick up a bit of culture. Your mother will be pleased you weren’t in the clubs 24/7. Corfu Town is a great place to go for a day trip and there are a few ways to get there. You can book a trip through a company or, if you want to save some money, find out when the local busses run and organize it yourself. Corfu Town’s Marina is a beautiful place to sit and eat ice cream on a lazy afternoon. There is also more shops in Corfu Town than Kavos and it’s a nice place to buy gifts for people back home.

This diverse and exciting little Greek town is a perfect holiday destination, boasting something to satisfy every type of traveller. And with companies offering holidays from as little as £190, it’s also a destination to suit every type of budget.

There is always something going on in a resort like this so don’t expect any down time. Remember it’s going to be a fun packed, energetic and very loud holiday so you’re guaranteed to have a great time.


Picture credit: Sir Hectimere

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