Summer in the City: Five Fabulous London Festivals

The Wonderground festival

London is an incredible place to visit in summertime. Not only are the city’s parks and gardens in their lovely bloom, but even the main tourist landmarks and attractions are enriched by the festivals that take place during the season. You can enhance your London holiday by planning to check out any or all of these unforgettable London festivals.

The Wonderground festival

London Wonderground

This summer-long festival runs from May 10 to September 29 at Southbank Centre and is a celebration of cabaret, circus, and sideshow performance that wow crowds with amazing shows. It’s the festival’s second time at Southbank and it promises to delight onlookers with a myriad of performances to suit a wide range of tastes. The summer festival includes performances of theatre, comedy, dance, music, and even children’s shows. The full schedule is available on the London Wonderground website ( along with more detailed information about each performance.

Taste of London Regent’s Park

Taste of London festival at Regent's Park

Experience the best tastes of London June 20-23 at this Regent’s Park festival that is a highlight of the summer season. This celebration of food and drink is merely about taste; the festival’s organizers also showcase demonstrations and interactive programmes that make the event an altogether richer experience. Visitors can head to the festival to create their personal menu filled with the taste sensations from forty of the city’s most revered restaurants. It’s a great place to sample the best culinary delights of the city and enjoy them with family, friends, or other London tourists.

City of London Festival

Running from June 23 to July 26, the City of London Festival is an arts fest that occurs each year in various parts of the city. Music performances are held in local churches, on city streets, or within city squares to enrich the city with classical music, jazz, opera, and other types of world music. The performances bring vibrancy and excitement to London’s various localities and their air of cultural enthusiasm infuses the atmosphere of the city. It’s wonderful time to delight in the sounds of music as they emanate from places like St. Paul’s Cathedral or even an enchanting London park.

Coronation Festival

This four-day festival is held in commemoration of the Queen’s coronation. This will be the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty’s coronation. The festival will be held in the Buckingham Palace’s gardens and tickets are available to the public for daytime or evening events. Guests are encouraged to enjoy the splendid gardens or attend the evening galas to enjoy their magnificent entertainments. This year’s Coronation Festival will take place from July 11th to July 14th.

Notting Hill Carnival

From August 25-26, the Notting Hill Carnival will enchant visitors with its pageantry and merriment. The Caribbean-themed carnival is filled with musical performances and exotic tastes of the West Indies. The streets are lined with floats and costumed performers that will delight crowds and celebrate culture. The event has been held annually since 1966 and is one of the city’s most exciting celebrations.

Each of these festivals complements the city in its own particular way. Visiting London in the summertime is sure to be a fascinating experience if one plans to attend any of these unforgettable London events.


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