Where would you go if Your Kids Planned Christmas?

Safari for Christmas?

This is an interesting question. There would no doubt be hand prints of chocolate on the walls, where the kids have demolished their Advent calendar in one foul swoop. However, putting the Christmas holiday itinerary in their hands isn’t such a bad idea; it might just lead to some surprising and creative destinations. In lieu of generic holiday hotspots like Ibiza or Benidorm, the kids might opt for off-the-beaten-track locales that take you into a whole new adventure. Here are two suggestions for a Christmas holiday that might pique the kids’ interests.

A Safari in Africa


Safari for Christmas?

Visit a family-friendly camp in the bush where you and your brood can stay in cottages and partake in family-centred activities that will keep the kids amused and amazed. At the Safari Houses of Zambia, you can make seed pod necklaces, take guided walks, and participate in bush craft courses. Much more than a traditional – and passive – game-safari tour, the Safari Houses offers a swimming, canoeing, mountain biking, and local community tours. With the added excitement of spotting animals in their native habitats, this will surely be a trip to remember.

Finnish Lapland For Santa’s Annual Bon Voyage Party

If the kids were in charge of deciding a Christmas destination, Lapland holidays with Santa’s Lapland might be the closest thing you can find to a no-brainer. After all, this is the place that claims to be the home of the jolly fat man himself, where Father Christmas descends from his icy kingdom and embarks on his yearly gift-giving pilgrimage. This attraction is exciting enough, but Finnish Lapland offers a whole lot more than Santa sightings.

Other things to do in Lapland include dog sledding, a fabulous way to get up close and personal with the strong and beautiful husky dogs who love nothing better than speeding across the snow with a family in tow. You can also opt for sleighs of the reindeer variety, which naturally appeals to kids who want to get closer to Rudolph than storybooks and cartoons ever allowed.

With a little night-time curiosity and a dash of patience, families visiting Lapland can also catch a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis as it shimmies over the Arctic sky in a rainbow of morphing colours.

Tips for Christmas Peace on Earth (and among family members)

Keeping the peace with the kids will old fashioned preparation and planning ahead. Make sure there’s enough water and emergency snacks to prevent midday histrionics. Be sure to work out where the toilets are, from any given point on the map. Also, remember you’re on holiday; stop when the kids want to stop, even if it’s to look at some fluttering leaves.

Planning a holiday according to your children’s wants and whims isn’t as crazy as you thought. It could just make you feel like a child again.

What say you?