3 ways to go on a budget family holiday

Biking holidays

Taking a holiday with the family is one of the best ways of breaking up the routine and giving everyone a great time.

Sadly, the cost of getting away from it all can be what puts a lot of families off the idea of enjoying a break like that. If you want to enjoy a more exciting summer but aren’t sure whether your budget stretches to a trip away then here are some tips for doing it without spending a fortune.

Biking holidays

Go Camping

One of the best ways for a family to get a fantastic holiday at a low price is to go camping. There are wonderful campsites all over Europe and many of them are set in some of the continent’s most popular tourist resorts. As an example, if you choose to go camping in Italy you can enjoy lovely places such as Lake Garda, Tuscany, Sicily and many other top destinations. As well as this, you can also choose to go to more out of the way spots if you want to be far from the crowds. Specialist firms will give you plenty of choice, from mountain and lake holidays in the Alps to beach holidays on the French Riviera or Italy’s Adriatic coast.

Go Self Catering

Even if you don’t go to a campsite you can still take heed of one of the best advantages of this kind of trip. Self catering trips are very effective for budget conscious families. You can still eat out in restaurants whenever you want to but you also have the option of saving cash by cooking. It is also the opportunity to explore local markets and discover fresh local produce.

Self-catering also enables you to mix and match and avoid the kids getting bored by either eating at home each day or going to restaurants for every single meal. This is the preferred method for families with fussy eaters in them, as well as letting the parents ensure that their kids get healthy, balanced meals.

Stay Closer to Home

Of course, if money is the problem you might find that staying closer to home is a smart bet too. UK residents who haven’t yet explored their country will find lots of special places to explore. From the majestic Highlands of Scotland through the spectacular Irish coastline and on to the stunning Welsh mountains and picturesque Cornish villages there is something here for everyone. Getting away to a foreign country now and then is a great idea but if you can’t do it this year then staying closer to home isn’t going to be a decision you regret as there is plenty to do around the UK.

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