The 5 basic tips you’ll always need for finding cheap flights to Australia

Sydney harbour and skyline

You’re thinking about travelling to Australia, but are not sure if you are able to afford the flight to your desired destination. Whether you’re travelling on business or for pleasure, Australia is an amazing country to visit. From the diversity that each city offers to the Great Barrier Reef and natural wonders that you will find in the Outback, there’s much to see and do throughout the country that will amaze and entertain you throughout your entire stay. By taking advantage of these helpful tips, you’ll be on your way to finding affordable airline tickets for you and your entire family to enjoy the experience of a lifetime. These tips apply to most other destinations but we like to focus on one destination.

Sydney harbour and skyline

1. Comparing Airlines

Before selecting the first airline that you see on the internet, it’s a great idea to do some research and get an idea of the different price points that you may expect to pay for a flight to Australia on different airlines. Some popular airlines that travel to Australia include Virgin Australia, Qantas, Jetstar and United. Other smaller airlines may also be available to take you to your desired destination. Different companies offer different prices and may also offer discounts depending on the number of seats you purchase or if you are a member of select programs such as AARP, AAA or are a military member. Compare prices to see what will provide you with the most affordable rates.

2. Travelling During Off-Peak Seasons

While you may be interested in visiting the southern hemisphere during the cold winter seasons in your home country, this is not always the cheapest time to travel. Like you, many others have the same brilliant idea of getting away from the cold and heading to Australia, where they can enjoy the warmth of summer and all that the country has to offer. Consider visiting during Australia’s spring or fall months for affordable rates and during their winter season for the cheapest flights around. If weather doesn’t make a difference to you, this is the ideal time to purchase airline tickets.

3. Buy in Advance

Timing is everything when purchasing your tickets. If you are travelling on a less-popular route to Australia, purchasing at least 21 days in advance is ideal for the best prices on tickets. For routes that see a higher amount of traffic, you may opt to scour the web for tickets during select week nights to see when the prices decrease. If you are planning well in advance, then try and get in early just as the tickets are released.

4. Last-Minute Flights

While buying in advance is usually the best option to secure your seats aboard your desired flight to Australia, waiting until the last minute can actually help you to find rock-bottom prices on unsold tickets. If you have the flexibility to travel at any time, last-minute could be the best option. However, you may not find the total number of seats that you need available when going down this route. As an example, I was able to find flights from London to Perth as little as £714 return leaving in two weeks using this website.

5. Opt for a Holiday Package

If you are planning on also purchasing a hotel stay at select accommodation throughout Australia, combining your flights and hotel stay to make a package can actually give you the lowest rates. Take advantage of discounted prices when purchasing multiple vacation services from online retailers.


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