Most popular holiday destinations for 2017

Travelling is one of the best experiences in the life of an individual. There is so much you can discover while being on the road and reaching unknown destinations that features local secrets waiting to be revealed by curious travelers.

The world we live in is rich from this perspective and offers us a wide variety of options to consider in terms of great destinations where we can choose to travel every year. Let’s discover now some of the best destinations to travel during this holiday season.

Lanzarote: An island of dreams that come true

The season does not come with any kind of lacking opportunities in terms of gorgeous destinations where you can travel. Worldwide tourists can now choose to have fun on the snow or experience warm conditions in the most exotic places in the world. Lanzarote is one of the wonderful options to consider during this season for a wide range of reasons. First, it features great hotels, restaurants, interesting shops and bars and offers you the opportunity to engage in numerous interesting activities while discovering the best touristic attractions in the area.

Those who might find this destination in the Canary Islands to be a surprising one should know that it has started to become more and more popular among tourists interested in discovering new great locations. This is the kind of place that simply amazes those interested in eco-friendly yet chic places where they can spend their time surfing, walking, cycling or simply enjoying the local wines in the area.

Those who are into arts will be pleasantly surprised to discover the influence of a visionary local artist that brought innovation in the field of architecture. He has had a life governed by a great passion for environmental arts. His name is Cesar Manrique and the special geology of the island is accentuated by his extraordinary works. These have pinpointed this location to the top of holiday destinations preferred by tourists from across the world.

You can spend days there visiting the local places in which his art is revealed or enjoying your quality time with family and friends in great local restaurants and bars. Not to mention the extraordinary island scenery that will make you want to spend more time outdoors and simply feel the magic vibe that surrounds the area.

Venice, Italy: Always a surprising place to visit

Both for tourists who have never been to Venice yet and those who have travelled there in summer we have to mention the fact that this is also a great holiday destination. There is something special about this place that seems to pleasantly haunt tourists with its unique beauty. Once you go there once, you simply feel the need to return there as soon as possible. This season comes with a great surprise for travelers with a passion for local traditions and the proper Italian way of having fun: the Venice Carnevale taking place in February.

This event is a European highlight that offers local people and tourists traveling there the opportunity to admire the elaborated costumes as well as the spooky masks that bring local history to life. If you enjoy costumed dancing type of activities, you should know that you can experience the best dancing adventure of your life there this year.

Moreover, apart from the costumed festival that is about to take place there next month, you can also enjoy walking down the streets of this historical wonder place where dreams come true. Enjoy your interaction with the local people there who are eager to tell you all about the history of their town, share their local food with you and let you experience the real Italian way of having fun with family and friends.

Have a taste of Machu Pichu all to yourself!

Another great destination to consider for your next travelling adventure is Choquequirao, Peru. It is a gorgeous wild area hidden across the magnificent Apurimac Valley where you can have a taste of Machu Pichu all to yourself. You can take a four-day trek to the amazing Inca footsteps and encounter other passionate travelers looking to be amazed by the spectacular site of this unique destination.

Chile: the new top travel destination of 2017

Among numerous other traveling destinations that have been popular in 2016, Brazil has been placed on top. However, 2017 seems to be the year in which Chile will attract a lot more visitors given the natural wonderland it features. This has become one of the most desirable adventure tourism destinations in the world.

More and more people dream of spending their holiday in an active and fun way so Chile seems to reach top place on their list of favorite places to visit this year. Its great ecosystems, topographies as well as biodiversity features launches this location to the top of the list of places that have received the World Travel Awards.

All in all, life is wonderful when you offer yourself the opportunity to travel to great locations from across the globe. You can choose to diversify your traveling experiences by visiting new places every year and discovering great new things about the world that surrounds you. Either as a traveler in time in Venice, a dream seeker in Lanzarote or a real Crusoe and Cousteau traveler to Fundu Lagoon, you can experience the real beauty of life far away from home.

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