How to plan an affordable trip to some of the most expensive destinations?

Exploring the world’s most extravagant and high-end destinations doesn’t have to be that expensive. As long as you learn to prioritize and plan a budget, you should be able to enjoy the best trip. Choose places you’ve always wanted to see, and book flights and accommodation in advance. We recommend that you do it with at least 6 months before the big day. Here are some more tips on how to plan an affordable getaway to some of the world’s most inaccessible travel destinations.

Travelling off-season

Travelling in the off-season is the best way to enjoy a lavish getaway without breaking the bank. Go for destinations such as Italy, Greece, Egypt, Morocco, Iceland, or Spain. Search for low-cost flights and don’t let bad weather ruin your getaway. It might rain in April in Athens, but this doesn’t mean that aren’t activities and places to see indoors. What we love most about traveling off-season is that the cities are more relaxed. Around this time of the year, you won’t be that many tourists wandering the streets, or populating the beaches. This will give you a unique opportunity to benefit from the most peaceful and serene getaway with your loved one.

Rent a car vs. public transportation

In some cities, exploring the premises using public transportation is a lot better than taking the taxi. However, nothing beats a car rental. No matter where you choose to go, having a car to help you move around is fundamental. In the off-reason car rental prices are extremely affordable. In Athens, for example, it doesn’t cost more than $50/day. Rather than take the bus and barely see anything, with a car you can stop whenever and wherever you want to admire the surroundings, take photos, have a picnic, and so on.

Spend as much time as possible outdoors

Monaco, Barcelona, Oahu, Punta Cana, and The Caribbean, are travel destinations not many people can afford to explore. But the high cost is usually because you are compelled to purchase all sort of packages with different activities. Give them up, and spend as much time as possible outside, exploring the surroundings, the architecture, and finding out more about the people and the culture of a certain place. In major cities, the parks are free of charge. Also, get more information on a destination’s best free attractions and places of interest. This sort of information you can also find at the hotel you’re staying. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Avoid restaurant in major city centers

Dining at a fancy restaurant in the heart of Barcelona can easily cost you up to $100/person. In fact, all bistros and eateries located near major attractions are high-priced. And the thing is not all are worth the cash. As an alternative, ask the locals where you can to eat delicious food on a budget. Another idea might be to take advantage of mid-week happy hour times. Don’t buy bottled water; tap water is just as good. To avoid ATM fees, pay with a credit card. Don’t forget about weekend flea markets and events; street food events are everywhere.

Lodge at a hostel, not at a hotel

Most high-end travel destinations provide different accommodation facilities. Once again, steer clear of those located near main attraction and city hubs. Choose a hostel instead. In Europe, prices are somewhere between $30 and $50/night in hostels; some even have free breakfast included. Check TripAdvisor for some more info on the best places to stay in your preferred city. Camping sites, Airbnb offers, and couchsurfing might also save you a few hundreds.

Planning the most perfect trip somewhere really expensive and extravagant doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With advanced booking for accommodation and transportation, you will save a serious amount of cash. Furthermore, explore your favorite travel spots in the off-season, choose a lodge with kitchenette. This way you can cook your own food, and not have to spend an exorbitant amount at a fancy bistro. Whether you looking for the most unique holidays to Greenland, or you’d like to go somewhere warmer in the South, just make sure to enjoy the experience.

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