Holidays in Hurghada – The Red Sea



Hurghada, Egypt, is a fantastic tourist destination located by the Red Sea. Once known for being just a small fishing settlement it is fair to say that this is now a real up and coming beautiful tourist location that is becoming increasingly popular year on year. Being located away from some of the more well known tourist destinations gives this place a real edge, in my eyes, as you will be able to enjoy all the amenities that you may require while on holiday without all the usual hustle and bustle of some of the more well established tourist destinations such as Sharm el Sheikh.
Once you have been here it really is easy to see why so many people are now having a holiday in Hurghada time and time again.

With lost of different places to stay here you will be spoilt for choice. Whether you have a large budget or a smaller one you should find something that suits your style and requirements. There are wonderfully luxurious hotels here, complete with private beaches and diving schools, and then smaller lesser known places such as holiday lets and bed and breakfasts. Whatever style of accommodation you end up choosing you will know that you are just a short walk or drive from some of the most glorious beach and ocean views in the world. The majority of the hotels here actually line the coast and therefore you can just walk outside and begin to take part in some amazing water sports or aquatic activities.

Things to do in Egypt

If you are interested in diving, sailing, swimming, fishing, shopping, relaxing or eating then you will have your appetite firmly dealt with while staying here. There are several fantastic diving schools in the area and if you just fancy some snorkelling then you can enjoy a pleasant boat trip out to the sea to witness the marine life in its natural habitat and in all its glory. The beaches here are beautiful, the sand is clean and the sea is the most amazing blue colour that you
really can take in so many wonderful fish just passing you by.

If you are wanting to explore a little further afield then you will find tours available to Luxor, The Valley of the Kings, Cairo and even submarine tours that allow you to see the depths of the ocean without getting a single hair wet. It is fair to say that there is something here for almost everyone but no two activities will ever feel the

Whether you like to relax on the beach with a delicious cocktail, have a relaxing massage, get a facial, have your hair done, receive a manicure or go shopping to relax there is lots here that will leave you feeling like a God or Goddess afterwards and ensure that you are left feeling relaxed and refreshed at the end of your holiday. The cuisine on offer here is delicious, the water sports are amazing, the marine life is out of this world and there is something to suit almost every attitude, mood and budget so why not book your holiday to Hurghada today?


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