Discover Corfu

Corfu the green island

Corfu the green island

Located off the west coast of Greece, the island of Corfu is an idyllic destination for family holidays. Featuring mild weather, fabulous beaches and many local celebrations, Corfu will surely appease every family member.

For children, a Corfu holiday wouldn’t be complete without spending a day at Aqualand. Dubbed “The Most Amazing Water Park in Europe,” this privately owned property is home to giant water slides, crazy river, free-fall slides and large pool. On the dry side, the videogame room, adventure playground and mini cars will keep the children happy during any kind of weather.

Relax on a cozy beach in the tiny village of Kaminaki. Mainly untouched by tourism due to its location, the friendly atmosphere of the locals will lend a true picture of everyday life on the island. For those who prefer busier surroundings, the north coast beach in Sidari provides a large resort area with the merging of two small villages. Families looking for a Corfu holiday package deal will find every type of water sport, three beaches and a variety of excursions in addition to prime accommodations.

Plan a day of water activities right on the beach. Paragliding allows great views of the island, while snorkeling provides adventure under the azure ocean. Relax on a sunbed with or without an umbrella. Booking an excursion in Sidari is easy. Simply decide on an activity and book through the numerous travel shops in town. Horse riding is a popular family attraction. Either try Costas which is right in Sidari or opt for Trailriders, a short drive away.

Before leaving home, learn about Greek cuisine and their favourites. Visit Corfu to take part in a traditional Sunday lunch. Lasting several hours, this is the highlight meal of the week. Try a Taverna for a wide variety of selections to satisfy the whole family. Featuring homecooked meals and family owned for 160 years, Taverna Agni at Agni Bay boasts both signature and well known dishes. Popular among tourists and islanders alike, Stifado is a satisfying and tasty stew made from beef and baby shallots. For the kids, pizza and salad are also on the menu.

For a short four hour tour, the Achillion Palace in Gastouri is considered a magical setting with garden statues designed after Greek Gods. Complete with a tragic story, the palace was first built in 1890 for Elizabeth, Empress of Austria, who intended it as a summer home. Assassinated in 1898, the palace eventually passed into the hands of Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany.

Visit Corfu during September to enjoy the Festival of Corfu, located in Corfu Town. Consisting of concerts, choruses and theatre, guests will also have the opportunity to sample authentic Greek cuisine.

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