Backpacking in Australia – 5 things to get right before hitting the road

If you want to go on holidays in Australia, you need to make sure you go prepared, for one of the world’s largest countries, it’s also one of the least populated, so you need to be able to fend for yourself on your travels. These 5 handy tips should set you going in the right direction.

1 – Buy a decent backpack

Take a sensible amount of luggage!

You’d think that this would be common sense, wouldn’t you? But the number of travellers that get this fundamental requirement wrong is still staggering. When looking for a backpack you need to think carefully about its size. Too big and it won’t be valid as hand luggage on all flights and will be too cumbersome when travelling, too small and you won’t be able to fit in all you need. Most travellers should take a travel bag (to be left in the hostel) and a day bag (for when you’re out on day activities and plan on returning to the same hostel). A good tip is to put the entire contents of your backpack within a thick lined bin bag to ensure a turn in the weather doesn’t ruin your entire luggage.

2 – Buy a first aid kit

Every backpacker needs a simple, small first aid kit, especially if you’re out in the outback or on one of the many mammoth road trips. It should be small, light and include fundamentals such as antiseptic cream, diarrhoea tablets, sun cream and bandages. See the NHS advice for travel:

3 – Take a map/travel guide

This is as much for your safety so you don’t get lost, as it is to ensure you don’t let any must see sights pass you by. You may think you’ve got planned everything you want to see, but a good travel book written by experienced writers can point you to some fantastic locations which may be close by.

4 – Use the Internet

This is both for research before you leave – how else would you be reading this handy guide? – as it is to use whilst you are out there. A good idea is to research the locations of some web cafes in the areas or milestones of your trip you plan on visiting. This can give some indication to relatives and friends back home when they may hear from you next. Either that or find a travel friendly 3G contract on a smart phone.

5 – Meet fellow travellers

Australia has one of the largest backpacking scenes on the planet. Go on blogs/forums before your visit; speak to people, gain inspiration (recommended trips, sights, hostels) all before you get there. But ensure that once you’re there, you don’t stop. Speak to people in your hostel, make new friends and get the very latest advice on what’s hot and what’s not whilst on your Australia trip.

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  1. Thanks for the tips! I used my smartphone navigation app for most of my traveling in Australia. I would have been completely lost without it. When did you visit?

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