A visitor’s guide to Florida City

Stone scultpures of the Coral Castle

Located in Miami-Dade County in the southern region of the state of Florida, Florida City is the most southernmost city in the USA. Although not as popular as other cities in the region it’s full of exciting attractions and provides visitors with an alternative view of the state. Those looking to spend a week in this American city will have a lot to keep them busy.

Stone scultpures of the Coral Castle

Historical features

A good way to start a weeklong vacation here is by visiting Coral Castle. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Coral castle is a stone structure that is said to have been constructed, entirely unaided, by Edward Leedskalnin in the early 1900s.

Dining and entertainment

For a healthy lunch, ‘Robert Is Here’ is a well-known fruit stand and is a landmark of the city. Established in 1960 visitors can choose from a selection of exotic fruits and can tickle their taste buds with unusual treats including a key lime pie smoothie. The afternoon can then be spent checking out the deals at the city’s popular factory shops and outlets, ideal places to find great for gifts or souvenirs.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store is popular for its hearty breakfast and brunch menu as well as its child-friendly atmosphere. It’s a perfect way to start off the day, especially before visiting the Everglades Alligator Farm. This has a multitude of exciting attractions and around 2,000 resident alligators to keep a family entertained all day. There are also alligator feedings as well as airboat ride tours of the everglades. After an exhilarating day learning about reptiles, Pine Tree Park is a relaxing green space in which to relax and unwind.

The Everglades

Alternatively, there’s the option of an everglades full-day tour. Visitors have the opportunity to try out slough slogging or wet walking and admire the Dwarf Cypress forests. As well as alligators the region is the home to Bard owls and a number of interesting snake species. There’s also the chance to paddle through sawgrass prairies, mangrove tunnels, and bays where there are carnivorous plants.

Other Florida City attractions

A great way to spend a lazy Sunday is to take a Frisbee or a football and a picnic down to the splendid Willie Fasulo Park and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Loren Roberts Park is also a great space in which to play a few sets of tennis and build up an appetite for dinner. Captain’s Restaurant and Seafood Market is an ideal place for local cuisine. With delicious fresh fish and outside dining it’s ideal for a last evening vacation treat.


The region has a beautiful climate through the year but mid summer can be particularly hot. When holidaying with children it might be best to avoid travelling to this area at that time of year. In terms of accommodation, visitors can choose from budget rooms at the Holiday Inn Express or Travelodge, to more luxury suites at Hyatt Regency or the Mayfair Hotel and Spa, all of which are child-friendly.

Getting there

Florida city makes for a fantastic vacation and is best reached by plane, especially if travelling from other parts of the USA – it’s easy to get there.


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