5 unique ways to experience Africa

Budding famers

Explore the amazing continent of Africa with a volunteering holiday. During your time as a volunteer in Africa, you’ll be able to travel, check out a variety of cities as well as giving something back to valuable local causes. Here are five great ways to enjoy Africa as a volunteer.

Work in care in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a place where volunteers can make a huge difference in the lives of local people. Affected badly by famine and floods, the country needs a large amount of support and is a great location for any volunteer who wants to help.

Budding famers

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Care volunteers work in orphanages, day care centres, playschools and care homes, helping children in their daily lives. Volunteers may also help out with games and sports activities and give informal English lessons. Whatever your role, you’ll be making a huge difference to an Ethiopian child’s life.

Work on a HIV/Aids programme in Ghana

Ghana is an exciting and vibrant place in which to spend time, with plenty to see and do for volunteers. As well as your valuable work, you’ll also be able to explore wild savannah and dense rainforests during your stay.

Volunteers on the HIV/Aids programme can learn about how these illnesses have affected local people and the stigma which still surrounds them. An emotionally demanding yet very rewarding role, you’ll be able to help individuals to stay healthy and receive the correct treatment and care.

Help a nomad project in Morocco

Morocco is a popular place for travellers, full of amazing buildings, enticing marketplaces and ancient towns. It is a pleasure to simply soak up the atmosphere in this amazing place but you can make an enormous difference by volunteering.

Main square in Essaouira, Morocco

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Volunteers on nomad projects live with families whose way of life hasn’t changed for thousands of years. Spend time caring for livestock, helping to source water supplies and sleeping under the stars – this is an unforgettable placement for any volunteer.

Help music projects in Senegal

Senegal is a former French colony and much of the same culture exists today. It’s a great place if you want to work on your language skills or explore colonial architecture in the cities.

Music plays a big part in the rich culture of Senegal, with small children taking any opportunity to play instruments in the streets. By volunteering to help with music projects, you can support local bands, learn how to play a new instrument and attend performances. This placement is a great chance to have fun while you learn.

Teach in Tanzania

This enthralling country is home to Africa’s highest mountain, largest lake and biggest wildlife reserves. It is without a doubt one of Africa’s most appealing destinations and a great way to be introduced to the culture of the continent.

Tanzania’s two official languages are English and Swahili, with strong English skills being essential to getting a good job. You could go a long way to helping children develop these skills by working as a volunteer teacher in primary and secondary schools in Africa. Teaching abroad can also give you valuable skills for a career as a teacher in England.

A voluntary placement in Africa could change your life. Think about where your skills could best be used and start planning your trip today – you never know what you might discover!


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