Video – Canada condensed in 2 minutes

Buffalo in the Canadian winter

It’s hard to find a country as varied as Canada. As well as its huge size, Canada has a lot to offer to adventurous travellers. You could settle for a city break among the skyscrapers of Toronto or brush up on your French in MontrĂ©al, but when you have the huskies of the north straining on their straps to pull your sledge, why stop there?

Wonders and beauties of Canada

Buffalo in the Canadian winter

Brown bears, buffalos from the plains of Alberta, salmon in the rivers, whales in the sea, wildlife is everywhere waiting to be photographed and admired. And why stand and just watch? Get active too – white water rafting, kayaking, hiking through vast forests, ice hockey, skiing and fishing… One country and all this to discover and experience.

You could even step off land and take a cruise from Vancouver, making your way to another wilderness – Alaska.

Here’s a taster of Canada:


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  1. Canada..sure looks awesome.. and more than a hundred things to do as well.

    Watching the Northern Lights is my dream..May be one day…very soon. I really hope so!!

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