5 tips for caravan holidays

Rows of caravans

A caravan means a great, cheap and mobile exploration of the world (or the country, whatever you prefer.) However, many like to think on the assurance of a good holiday in a static caravan too. As such, there’s a whole load of things to consider going off for a holiday, and not just about dusting the cobwebs out of the corners of a caravan. Here’s a list of some things to think about when considering your next great holiday.

Rows of caravans

Where am I going?

The site is often the most important part of a holiday, so make sure to get it right! If your travels take you to a static caravan, then be aware that being a noisy neighbour is not so welcome. So don’t pack too many drums! You don’t have the same sort of issues if you’re in a single touring caravan, but then there are issues of sanitation, electricity and the like to consider. The Caravan Club is the authority on destination and travel.

How will I get there?

Whether towing a caravan, or going toward the static kind, make sure to take the roads with the least traffic, as you don’t want to be stuck getting to the next stop. Also, for those towing, try to be considerate and avoid single lane roads, as you don’t want to be the man or woman holding people up behind you.

Who am I going with?

It may seem flippant, but you may want to consider the amount of space in a single caravan. Once you start hitting the heights of five or six people, you may want to consider an additional tent, or conveniently forgetting that you ever invited the in-laws. Even two may be tight in a tiny caravan, so don’t spend all your time inside!

What type of insurance can I get to cover my caravan?

There are many types of caravan insurance out there. Going without a provider could prove costly, especially when there are so many choices. Make sure to be pragmatic when buying, because if something goes wrong, it could get much worse without it.

Will I be safe?

Although the Beast of Bodmin may have turned out to be fiction, one can never be too careful against the type of critters that are out there. Make sure to pack bug spray, at the very least. Also avoid areas near water, especially the standing variety.

And don’t forget the basics, good food, water and the odd luxury from home could make your caravan that much nicer. But most of all, don’t forget it’s for the exploration, and the outdoors, that will drive your holiday from a good time to a great one.

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  1. Good points. Also a good tip I like to give is to do your shopping, whether for groceries or camping equipment, before hand, preferably locally. As the prices in “tourist” areas and especially in a campsites own shops are usually inflated some what. If it is a peak time of year they are usually busy and in some instances sold out of many things. So buy as much as you can locally before you set off.

    1. Good point. How about online shopping and getting it delivered to your caravan doorstep? I’ve done it before with Tesco.

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