4 Unmissable Stag Destinations

Don't drink too much!

A stag do is the last day of freedom (or so tradition tells us) to end life as a bachelor and start a new chapter as a loving husband. Before any man can enter marriage it is imperative that he is treated to a night out that he will never forget or remember depending on how you look at it.

Don't drink too much!

Over recent years the ideal for many stag groups is to pack up their suitcases, book the flights and head overseas for a fun-filled weekend in the sun; however with so much choice available the decision-making process can become long-winded and difficult.

Having recently had the privilege of being a best man for my best friend’s wedding I was given the responsibility to arrange the stag party with the help of some of the other groomsmen. After discussion and careful consideration we successfully chose our destination and activities to act as a rite of passage to family life.

Although it all came together successfully in the end, as previously suggested, the process was rather difficult, stressful and long-winded. With such an array of fantastic locations and potential activities available it is easy to become overwhelmed and because of this many best men offload all of the responsibilities to an external stag do planning company. External planners are great if you are short of time, however such convenience comes at higher price therefore if you are operating within a tight budget it is better to be proactive and organise the event yourself.

With all this in mind, below I have highlighted 4 of the best locations to visit for a great weekend away with the rest of the lads.

Las Vegas

Vegas and stag nights reminds me of The Hangover. Undoubtedly this is the champion’s destination of all bachelor party locations. Las Vegas, also known as Sin City, isn’t for the light-hearted or a stag party on budget for that matter. It doesn’t deserve its reputation for nothing!


Ireland’s capital city is a haven of generous hospitality and home to Guinness and traditional Irish Bars. Dublin is without doubt one of the world’s greatest cities and is magical place perfect for a stag weekend full of an array of pubs and clubs. To get the most out of your money remember to look for the best exchange rates on your currency.


Regardless to what you decide to do on your weekend away to Amsterdam hopefully it will be a weekend you remember. Despite popular preconceptions the capital of Holland offers more than just space cakes and ladies of the night. The stag do can be as laid back or fully loaded as you like; with its laidback and cultured setting you may be surprised how much extra the Dutch Capital has to offer.


This is widely regarded as the pinnacle of international stag dos. The Czech capital is a monumental destination to visit and is sure to get all of the lads excited. It delivers quality beers and all in all an amazing looking city.

And a bonus for you:


This location is perfect for stag groups who are after a weekend of guaranteed good weather. With its sun-kissed beaches, manicured golf courses and its alfresco nightlife what’s not to love with the Algarve region? Portugal’s southerly destination is one of the wealthiest regions of the country and has over 70 golf courses. If you are looking for a relaxing stag break and a healthy sun tan combined, this is the ideal destination.

2 thoughts on “4 Unmissable Stag Destinations”

  1. These all sound perfect for a stag party! Dublin in particular, you can’t beat an Irish stag do, and trust me we would know something about that!

  2. For me Warsaw in Poland is also a place really worth taking into consideration while choosing a bachelor party destination. It is relatively inexpensive but really amazing and there are tens of place and attractions in this city. The one that is my favorite and perfect for a bachelor party is a nightclub called New Orleans. It is a place for real gentlemen, with exclusive atmosphere, great drinks and sexy, talented dancers. A perfect way of spending “the last night of freedom” if you ask me 🙂

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