What to visit in Brisbane

Brisbane skyline in the sunset

Brisbane is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is the capital of the state of Queensland and the third largest city in Australia. There are many exciting things you can do on a trip to  Brisbane so I decided to share a list of some of the places I visited on my trip that I want to recommend to everyone if they travel to Brisbane.

Bribie Island

One of the best holiday destinations Brisbane has to offer is Bribie Island. This area is about half an hour’s drive away from the city centre. I decided to list this destination first because of its amazing beaches which are one of the main reasons so many people visit Brisbane.

Bribie Island is a relaxing getaway that covers just less than 150 square kilometres. The Queensland government has made environmental conservation of the island one of its chief priorities. and many experts say that the area will remain beautiful for decades to come.

Bribie Island also has some of the safest beaches in the country. The beach offers the best of both worlds for travellers. You can visit the beach on the same side as the Pumicestone Passage if you want to experience the tranquil waters. The other side of the beach is more turbulent and is perfect for surfing.

Southbank Parklands

The Southbank Parklands has something for everyone. You can visit a number of great shops and cafes in the area.

The parklands also has a great man-made beach called the Streets Beach. A fair amount of the area sits on top of a lagoon that was formed after a large section of the Brisbane River started to dry up nearly 100 years ago. The Parklands have been a favorite tourist destination for families, singles and holidaymakers of all ages for over 20 years.

One of the places that almost anyone would recommend is the Suncorp Piazza. This destination greatly resembles one of the coliseums in Rome and a number of great events are held there year round.

Mount Coot Tha

The Mount Coot Tha is the highest mountain in Brisbane and can be spotted from almost any spot in the city. The area is a historical landmark and tourists throughout the country (as well as the rest of the world) all like to check it out.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to visit Mount Coot Tha on my recent trip, but I would like to make up for that next time I go to Australia. The two biggest reasons people visit Mount Coot Tha are the Brisbane Lookout and the majestic gardens.

The Brisbane Lookout is located on top of the mountain. You can look out from the lookout’s observatory and see landmarks throughout Brisbane.

Many tourists who visit Australia only think of travelling to Sydney but there are literally hundreds of wonderful places you can experience on a trip to Brisbane. I was only able to share some of the most popular destinations. If you could only visit one place, I would suggest you visit the Southbank Parklands. As I said, there is literally something for everyone there!



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