5 great reasons to visit the French Riviera

Roquebrune on the French Riviera

Roquebrune on the French Riviera

When it comes to planning a holiday the hardest part can often be deciding where to go. The French Riviera has been a popular destination for decades, and it’s easy to see why. Stunning in both winter and summer, with beautiful vistas and much celebrated cuisine, the French Riviera has something to satisfy every holiday-makers’ appetite.

Below are five great reasons to consider heading to the French Riviera.

1. Food

When thinking of good food it’s very hard to ignore French cuisine. Italian cuisine is beautiful in its simplicity, Spanish cuisine is famed for its variety but nobody does flavour, sauces and condiments like the French. For many a holiday-maker food and dining out are a big part of the holiday and the French Riviera is sure not to disappoint.

There are many famous restaurants along the Cote d’Azur but be prepared to venture out to some of the more remote ones too. Local restaurants in tiny villages can often offer up incredible meals. Talk to the locals for hints on the best places to go, especially if you’d like to avoid the tourist hordes. The dress code is usually fairly relaxed during the day but be prepared to don smarter clothing once night falls.

2. Language

Exploring a culture different to your own makes for a truly fulfilling holiday and what better way to do that than to learn about the language of the country you’re visiting? If you’re in Monaco, Nice or Cannes being able to speak the odd line of French will make your time there that much more enriched. The French are also notoriously intolerant of tourists so showing them you’ve made the effort to learn French will go a very long way.

You can learn French in France from a language school. There are usually a variety of courses on offer and you can learn as casually or intensively as you wish. Many schools offer courses for youngsters as well, so if you’re looking for your child, why not find out more information on school websites and see what they have to offer?

3. Must-sees

French cheese sellerSt Tropez, Antibes… where to start? The French Riviera is truly home to some of the most stunning spots in the world. St Tropez is a destination known across the globe. This glam sea-side town is home to a thriving nightlife and has been the darling of the rich and famous for many years. Don’t be put off by its glossy reputation, however. There are plenty of secluded sandy beaches and tucked-away petanque courts for those in search of a relaxed holiday.

Perhaps most famous for being the home and inspiration of Picasso, Antibes is the essence of romance. While away the morning at the food markets or put your walking shoes on and go beach-hopping. Antibes is a touch more relaxed than some of the other destinations along the French Riviera and perfect if putting your feet up is what you have in mind.

4. Sun

Feel like working on your tan? On the French Riviera you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches. If you find yourself dazzled by all the options, then basing yourself in Nice and doing day trips is a good idea. Many tour companies operate trips out of Nice to Monte Carlo, Monaco and other sunny destinations.

5. Snow

When you mention the French Riviera, most people’s thoughts spring instantly to sandy beaches. However, it’s also home to some amazing skiing. If you’re after a winter holiday, then a short car journey from Nice will see you on some of the world’s most beautiful slopes. Nordic skiing is very popular as is regular skiing and snowboarding.


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