5 Perfect Road Trip Activities for Your Kids

There’s no call for dreading long car trips with kids if you have these hacks up your sleeve.

What is so alarming about family road trips for parents? It’s not the expenditure of filling up the gas tank. Traffic, toll roads or Sunday drivers don’t bother them as much. It’s the notion of their little cherubs jammed together in close quarters for hours. God, the backseat scuffling. The nudging. The grumbling. The recurrent edgy cries of “Are we there yet?” THIS NEEDS TO STOP!!!

Fortunately, here we are suggesting you strategies to keep your children contentedly amused and get pleasure from each other’s company. And the best part? You can achieve it without spending a penny.

Here’s a list of our picks for the five perfect road activities for kids.

1. Music- food for soul

Kids love melody. It increases child’s attention span. Play light music for them in the background letting them pursue their respective tasks that interest them on the back seat like book coloring, working on their travel journal, sorting through the pictures so on. Or you can simply turn the music a little higher than usual and let the kids turn the backseat into a little bandwagon of their own. The best quality speakers will only do to enhance the experience.

2. Keep those electronic gadgets charged

Sure, we all keep a secret preference to reduce our kids’ use of electronic devices to a minimal, but there goes this idea out the window for the time span of a car trip. Getting them absorbed for wee few hours of screen time aids pass the hours.

The stratagem is to make certain you keep their widget or gadgets fully charged. Many advanced model cars have individual USB ports. So, bear in mind those charging wires.

3. Use the windows as canvasses

Rouse your creativity and bring removable white board markers to draw shapes on windows? A small package of colored markers (make it clear in your mind they are dry-erase, not permanent markers!) for illustration and a pair of gloves for wipe away are all your kids will need to have some car-trip fun. If you don’t possess gloves, an old face towel or hanky will do the trick.

Games such as tik-tac-toe and hangman can also be played.

4. Play cool games

Make a pile of visual cards and write wavy questions on each one for the kids to think over, such as “Would you rather be in a pool of M&Ms or marshmallows?” and “Would you rather have bright blue feet or bright blue locks?”

5. Grab some awesome apps

If you’ll be traveling via road by any chance this summer, mull over installing a few new iPhone and iPad apps to help the miles fly by without knocking us out of our wits.

Don’t always foresee travelling as something soul-tiring or mundane. Consider it as a time to get to know your family and their preferences better. Make the most of this time to bond with them that we otherwise can’t due to our frenzied life and its demanding nature. Muster all your creativity and planning right down to the most trivial of the activities can spare you a hell lot of fuss leaving you with fond memories to cherish later on with your all grown-up kids.

What say you?