Hurghada: a delightful corner of Egypt

Beach in Hurghada, Egypt

Beach in Hurghada, Egypt

If you are looking to book a holiday in Egypt and want opulent, luxurious hotels with delightful scenery and views then consider Hurghada at the top of your list. While being home to a plethora of luxury hotels you can also find accommodation that is a little more suited to a smaller budget too. You can find fantastic value for money throughout Hurghada whether you are looking to stay in a bed & breakfast or a 5 star luxury resort hotel.


Many of the hotels in Hurghada are located in absolutely fantastic spots with private beaches and access to some of the most beautiful ocean views that the World has to offer. While relaxing in the glorious sunshine you will be able to take in the depths of the beautiful blue ocean, partake in some water sports and view some of the amazing marine life on offer in Hurghada. If you are a fan of snorkelling or scuba diving then Hurghada is the ideal destination for you and is home to some wonderful dive spots that are renowned throughout the diving community.

Private beaches

One of the main attractions about Hurghada, besides all the wonderful activities, delicious cuisine and places to relax, is the clean, sandy beaches and the warm, crisp, clear sea. You will find that lots of the hotels have their own private beaches that are reserved exclusively for their guests. This is fantastic as you can relax with minimal disruptions and you know that the beaches will be clean, safe and probably not very crowded, even during peak season!

On land

If dry land is more your kind of place to explore then you will not be disappointed here. The desert is vast here and there are lots of different ways to explore. Whether you want to go on foot, on horseback, on a camel, ride across it on a quad bike or travel across it by helicopter you will be stunned by the views on offer here. Whether you are travelling alone, as a couple or with children you will find plenty of desert based activities that are suitable for the whole family.

Hurghada is a wonderful place to visit even if you are not very interested in exploring the desert or the ocean depths. There are lots of lovely places to rest and relax here with lots of wonderful little shops just bursting with hand crafted wares that will make wonderful souvenirs and serve as a brilliant memento of your lovely holiday when you return home. There are lots of salons and spas in Hurghada too, particularly in some of the more luxurious hotels, so you can return home from your holiday looking and feeling truly amazing and relaxed.

Cuisine in Hurghada is delicious with a wide range of different dishes on offer here. There are some absolutely sumptuous local dishes and seafood is fresh and widely available here.

You will find value for money here and the weather is delightful throughout the year with July and August being particularly lovely months to visit for truly stunning sunshine. Hurghada is packed full of fun for the whole family, lots of activities, delicious cuisine, wonderful sunshine and so much more. Whenever you decide to visit and however long for you will be sure to have an amazing holiday here.


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  1. Hurghada is like my second home! I lived there for 6 month and worked as animation in a hotel and I still go back there even year! I love the partys there! I love the amazing Red Sea and the boat trips and I love the food I can get there!

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