Fun things to do on the train

train seats

Depending on what your train journey is for, whether you are on your daily commute to or from work, or are off on your jollies; you may find that your time on the train can actually be quite enjoyable. Ensuring that you have reserved a seat, and can see right as to where your luggage is, you can actually have quite a relaxing time, whether you are delayed or not; so to prove this statement, here are a few things to do whilst travelling on a train.

train seats

Find yourself a bar

If you find yourself a little delayed, and have quite a journey to have thereafter, then finding yourself an alcoholic beverage may quite possibly be the best way to enjoy the transport ahead of you! In train stations such as Sheffield, there are eloquent bars and pubs that are great for quelling those pre-train, train journeys. With exotic, rare and quality beers from all over the world, they are all available on Platform 1 of the station; so if you find yourself stuck or passing through Sheffield, then a quick rest bite in the Sheffield Tap, may just be the place for you. Alternatively, look for a Wilkes Group cold drinks vending machine for a refreshing drink.

Enjoy a good book

Although this may seem quite a boring suggestion, reading on your journey to work is an excellent way of not only improving your diction and expanding your mind; but also a great way of maintaining the level of books that you read each year. If you can afford twenty or so pages per journey you could find yourself reading around 200 pages a week, just 60 or so under the length of the average novel. A mere two books a month could find you reading 24 books a year, and that, is roughly (and perhaps shockingly) 17 books above the UK national average. Creating a Goodreads account is a great way of keeping track of how many books you read every year.

Talk to the person sitting next to you

It’s simple, sitting next to someone isn’t always the most enjoyable thing about commuting, especially during the busy times of the day, particularly when you may find yourself packed like a sardine.

However, chatting away may be an excellent way of bucking up your confidence. By merely starting up a conversation with your fellow commuter, you will be surprised to find that quite often, people are more than happy to open up and have a chat with you; whether it’s about the weather or the current state of Tiger Woods’ current sports car. Of course, if that person is reading or already talking to someone else, they may not be so happy with your butting in.

Find some phone apps

Catching up with the world and checking for the latest apps on the market is a great way to spend your delay; once you have them, you could find yourself playing the newest and most enjoyable game app or having the latest news piece; you never know, it may just give you something to chat about with the person next to you!

What say you?