Five great holiday spots for the motorbike enthusiast

Cruising on a motorbike

Cruising on a motorbikeThere’s nothing better than taking to the open road on two wheels in a different country that offers stunning scenery and great landmarks. Provided you’ve got the right motorcycle insurance and have mapped out a good route, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take a motorbike holiday – but where should you be thinking of going?

Here are five of our favourite international motorcycling holiday spots:

France and Spain

If you want to stay a little closer to home, the stretch of The Pyrenees that runs between France and Spain can be an exhilarating ride and are usually a little less ridden by tourists – so if you play it right you could get yourself a seriously peaceful journey. You can travel the Spanish border in style and expect to see some of Europe’s most beautiful landscapes.

The North American Rockies

If you want seriously impressive scenery, the Rocky Mountains are very difficult to beat. You can take in the massive stretch of open road that goes from Canadian British Columbia to Colorado and go through Montana and Wyoming on your way. British Columbia is where you’ll also find the famous Icefields Parkway – which offers 144 miles of mountain lakes, glaciers, valleys and incredible natural beauty.

The Mediterranean

Whether you’re on a package holiday or are heading to the Med specifically for a motorcycle holiday there are no end to the number of places you might want to check out. Check your moped insurance if you’re saddling up on your scooter to traverse the wonderful coastlines of Spain and Portugal, or make a real trip of it across mainland Italy where you can cover more ground and make some stops at the country’s many picturesque tourist spots as you go.


It’s not the first place people think of when planning a major motorcycle trip, but that’s just one of the reasons it can be a great option. Japan is teeming with wonderful places to visit and cultural experiences you won’t find anywhere else. However, perhaps more importantly, it has incredible mountain ranges and great roads to access them including Shiga Kusatsu Road, Yamanami Highway, Venus Line and Bandai Azuma Skyline.

Long straight road in Japan

New Zealand

Because who hasn’t watched The Lord of the Rings movies and thought ‘I could have done that journey so much quicker on my bike’? It’s no secret that New Zealand is an incredible place for natural beauty, but many won’t have realised there are some incredible package motorbike holidays you can take there too. One company that offers these is Paradise Motorcycle Tours NZ, but be sure and find one that has a competitive price on renting a bike as it can be quite costly.

With so many great places out there to visit, travelling by motorbike when you get there could be the most memorable way to make the most of it.

What say you?