Advice before you board your cruise ship

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Are you excited that you’re off on your cruise soon? We’re jealous. Make the most of your time in the lap of luxury by planning what you need to get done before boarding. In fact, you can use our guide as a check-list.

Cruise ship sailing by

1.The Final Payment

Mark the deadline for your final payment clearly on your calendar. Pay off this sum far in advance of the date, as missing your payment could result in the cruise liner cancelling your booking and keeping your deposit.

2.Get Insurance

This is particularly important if you have elderly family members or children. Purchase this the same week that you place your deposit, to protect your family.

3.Book In Advance

You’ll obviously want to see the fascinating sights along the way, so book your on-shore excursions before your trip. These tours or expeditions fill up quickly, and you can be happy in the knowledge that you have completely organised your holiday.

It’s also a good idea to pre-book spa and dinner reservations. As these are some of the enjoyable things you can look forward to on your cruise, it’s best to get first dibs – you may even get some cruise deals.

4.Check Travel Documents

Ensure that your passport and visa is completely up-to-date, many months before you depart. If you need to renew your passport, this can take 90 days. Without these important documents, you may be refused entry on to the cruise liner, without a refund. Most cruises now require you to register online in advance, so fill in all your details when you have made your deposit.

5.Memorise Travel Arrangements

Study the travel dates many times to make sure you get to the cruise liner with plenty of time to spare. If there are any mistakes in your travel dates, get hold of your travel agent immediately, as rectifying these errors can be costly. Your transportation from the airport should be finalised and booked.


If you are leaving the kids behind, get the best child care you can, and remember to bring them something back from your travels. You may need a pet or house-sitter too, so make sure you have sorted this out months before your sail date.

Any prescriptions or medical matters should be taken care of, and you should check up with your doctor before you leave. Give your family and friends an emergency contact number.

7.Take Pictures

As the on-board photographer will cost a bomb, take with you lots of fresh batteries for your camera and a spare memory disk. You’ll have to pay cruise prices to buy these items on the ship.


Check with your bank that your cards can be used abroad, and if there are any charges involved. You can get cash in advance – for foreign currency, the exchange rates will be cheaper through your Post Office.

You won’t have to spend cash on the ship, as any charges go straight to an on-board account that you pay at the end of your trip, but you may want to spend some money in the holiday destinations.

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