3 great holiday destinations for families

The magical world of Disneyland

For many, the annual summer holiday is an occasion that the whole family look forward to – you and your partner look forward to a break from the usual routine of everyday life, and your children become excited about the prospect of long days playing on the beach and splashing around in the pool.

But, often finding the perfect holiday that caters for all of you can often be a hard task; the children want somewhere that they can run riot, make friends and explore, but you want somewhere that offers a little bit of peace and quiet, is cost effective and safe for you all. Surely, there’s not a great deal of destinations that tick all of the family boxes though, right?

Well, believe it not, there is. Because, to help you go on the ultimate family holiday this year, here’s my guide to the 3 best holiday destinations that all the family can enjoy.

1. Walt Disney World, Florida

The magical world of Disneyland

When you think of the term ‘children’s holiday’, what’s the first place you think of? I’m sure it’ll be the magical land that is Walt Disney World – after all, it offers everything that kids dreams are made of.

But, aside from being what many think is purely a children’s destination, Walt Disney World is perfect for adults too – it simply is a once-in-a-lifetime destination for all families. Children will love meeting all of their favourite Disney characters in person and will love watching the vibrant parades that take place in front of the world famous Disney castle.

But as your children take in all of the excitement, there’s lots to do for you too – from eating at great restaurants and bars, browse the stores and go rides like the thrilling Space Mountain.

But, as well being surrounded by the magic, Walt Disney is the perfect place to make your own magical memories – that’ll stay with all of the family forever.

2. Lanzarote

If you’re looking for the perfect sun, sea and sand holiday to take your whole family on, then Lanzarote is a definite must. Located off Spain’s South West coastline, Lanzarote offers perfect weather, picturesque sceneries, vibrant culture and plenty of fun for the children. There are plenty of family resorts in Lanzarote, with most letting you choose the option of all-inclusive or self catered, so you can tailor your holiday perfectly to your own family’s requirements.

Many of Lanzarote’s hotels and resorts also have world-class kids clubs, so that when you want to go and explore the island with your loved one, you can rest assured your kids are in great hands – they’ll make friends, play fun sports, and do hundreds of great activities put on specially for them by the holiday reps.

And, when you want to spend your days all together, Lanzarote has a plethora of great water parks with hundreds of rides both for children and the adults. So, with so much to do and see – all available at affordable prices – it’s no wonder holidays in Lanzarote are so popular with families.

3. France

So, we’ve given you an adventure holiday and a beach holiday as some of the best holiday destinations for families, but what happens if you want to go on a city break with the kids? Well, if that’s at the top of your family holiday agenda for 2013, then France is the perfect location to do so.

It’s great to take children when they’re young to places that they learn about in school. And as the home to the great Eiffel Tower, Paris is the perfect location to do so. You can take them on an adventure to the very top of this world famous monument and watch as they look over the city in amazement – do it at night and then view from the top is spectacular. Taking them to a French city is also a great way to teach them a few language skills – buy a book before you go and learn some basic words, and you and the children can have fun trying out the things you’ve learnt! Failing all this, take the whole family to the south of France to bask in the sun and rural countryside amid peace and quiet.

What say you?