Truly Asia: the best places to explore

Yangshuo in China

Yangshuo in China

A tour to Asia will expose you to a lot of mixed excitements. This continent, which is a landmass surrounded by waterways on its three sides and shares its boundary with Europe, comprises of an amalgamation of different countries that stay close to each other but have striking differences in respect of customs, cultures, cuisines, traditions and even languages. Thus, if you wish to make a tour to Asia, you can make a plan to visit some of the places discussed here.

1. Malaysia

The true color of Asia is reflected by the colorful festivals, celebrations and events of Malaysia. A landmass of 333,000 square kilometers, Malaysia is located in the heart of South Eastern Asia and boasts of its astounding natural beauty all throughout its landscape. This is the place where you will find the most mixed and vibrant cultures. Malaysia has become one of the most fascinating tourist attractions in Asia in the recent years. The people pf Malaysia are known for their friendliness, warmth and welcoming attitude. On your tour to Malaysia make it a point to visit Kuala Lumpur, the capital city, which is a popular destination among the locals and the tourists for extensive shopping. Other commonly frequented tourist attractions are Port Dickson, Labuan Islands, Pangkor Island, Tioman Islands, Cherating, Langkawi and Redang Island.
The heritage sites of Malaysia also deserve mention here such as the churches as Malacca, the Mahamariamman Temple, Malacca Museum and Snake Temple. Pubs, clubs, discos, casinos, karaoke lounges operate throughout the night and are open for the tourists. As you visit Malaysia, you will be able to get in contact with a number of hotels and guest houses that suit the pockets of different levels of clientele. Some of the renowned luxurious hotels in Malaysia are Taj Resort, Berjaya Time Square and Berjaya Langkawi Resort. They provide pick and drop facilities from the hotels. You can rent a car or Trek Bicycle to explore the place well.

2. China

One of the most frequented and thickly populated places in Asia, China is known for its industrious and hard working people. The capital city of these 3.7 million square meters of landmass, Beijing, has been identified by the tourists as the most popular city of tourist attraction in Asia. Some of the other noteworthy cities of China are Shanghai, Tianjin, Wuhan, Harbin, Dalian, Chongquin, etc. On your visit to Beijing, you will find lots of surprises waiting for you. Never miss the opportunity of full day sightseeing of one of the most notable spots, the Imperial Palace or the Formidable City. Marked by the massive architectural beauty, the palace comprises of 8500 exquisitely decorated rooms. The Imperial Flower garden, comprising of bright flowers and indigenous vegetation also demands a visit.
Second important tourist attraction is the Tiananmen Square. It had been named after the leader of the 1900 historic revolution in China. This amusement park and spacious picnic spot is surrounded by monuments like the Imperial Building, Great Hall of the People, Mausoleum of Mao and Chinese History Museum. The Temple of Confucius and the Capital Museum present to the tourists the religious side of China. Historical information and excellent architecture characterize these places. The Lama Temple is also worth mentioning in this context, which has the gigantic statue of a founder of Buddhism “Yellow Hat”.

3. Singapore

Located in the Far Eastern part of Asia, Singapore is an island and one of the most densely populated countries in the world that is composed of tall buildings and structures that give the place the most sophisticated and elegant look. It is said the greatest resource that the place has is its people who are industrious, diligent, hardworking and friendly.
The famous sightseeing places tourists will enjoy in Singapore comprise of museums, parks, technological and science exhibits. Some of the worth naming tourist attractions among them are Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, which is a home for tigers, wild monkeys and other animals. The Japanese and Chinese Gardens have pagodas of different shapes and designs, while the Sentosa Island is the biggest park in Singapore that has aquariums museums, food marts, luxury hotels, etc. inside its complex.
As day ends, night life begins to unravel in Singapore. All the party lovers, wine drinkers and foodies across the world can enjoy nightlife in Singapore to their heart’s pleasure. The pubs, cafes, clubs, casinos, etc. remain open twenty four hours a day, making the country remain always awake. You can also be assured that night life in Singapore is sent percent safe.
Asia is a treasure house of history, architecture, tradition, culture, scenic beauty and not to forget the night life with a different taste. Some of the places mentioned here will work as your valuable reference and you can prepare your Asia travel guide accordingly.

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