Where to gamble, eat, play and marry in Vegas

It’s a once in a lifetime holiday destination, a place like nowhere else on earth, where?… it’s Vegas, Baby! But how do you choose what to do when you get there? Here’s the inside scoop on where to gamble, where to eat, where to play, where to wed and what else you can do in Vegas.

1. Get Hitched

Even if you didn’t intend on getting married in Vegas, sometimes it just happens. If you are going to be sensible and play the waiting game you can still head down to the chapels and watch the newlyweds come out. Popular chapels include the Viva Las Vegas Chapel which is the epitome of Las Vegas kitsch or the tiny Wee Kirk o’ the Heather, the Las Vegas alternative to Gretna Green.

2. Play the Slots

Some people come to play the classic games such as poker and roulette, whilst some would rather while away the hours on the slots. Good casinos for slots include Gold Coast, The Sahara or The Palms all of which provide free drinks even if you only play the slots.

3. Hit the Big Ones

Gamble at the slots

Although there is more to do than just visit the Strip, you can’t leave Vegas without visiting the most famous casinos- Caesars Palace, the Bellagio, MGM Grand and the Luxor. The Bellagio is the place for those who want to gamble in style, it may be a kitsch version of old class style and elegance but you certainly get a taste for the high life here. The water fountain at the front of the Bellagio is one of the most well-known landmarks in Las Vegas.

4. Tour the Weird and the Wonderful

Vegas is full of many oddities and strange landmarks. Some of the most popular include the water slides at the Golden Nugget which see you swim through shark tanks as well as the white knuckle rides at the top of the Stratosphere building. More quirky offerings include the Atomic Testing Museum and the Cirque de Soliel O Performance.

5. Tour the World in a Day

Many of the hotels feature mock ups of the World’s capital’s landmarks. Some of which are actually quite impressively lifelike. In one day you could be seeing the Temples of Luxor, the Eiffel Tower, the gondolas of Venice and the Statue of Liberty.

6. Take Photo Evidence

Find the famous neon ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign which is located at Las Vegas Boulevard South and have a few snaps taken next to it. That way you will never forget that you have been to Vegas even if it still all feels like a dream when you get home.

You will never go anywhere like Vegas again, well unless you go back to Vegas again of course. Try to see as much as you can – take a bus along the whole strip and also get out of town and visit the Las Vegas Springs Preserve. On top of all that there’s the chance to eat like a king, shop till you drop and drink like a fishh.that’s Vegas Baby!


What say you?