Guest post: Famous Historical Landmarks of America

The famous historical landmarks of America give the country a unique identity and a chance to attract tourists from all over the world. Therefore, the federal authorities and other organizations who look after these historical places ensure that such places are well maintained and are able to fulfill the recreational and learning requirements of the tourists. With the increasing flow of the tourists, the administering authorities and the shopkeepers and vendors operating near these places are able to earn more revenues, thus contributing in the economic development of the nation.

A tale behind each

The American heritage is reflected from the various national parks, mansions, presidential monuments, museums, forts, islands, theaters, etc. These famous places in America date back to different eras and have served differently, but in the present day, all these sites narrate a tale related to the time it was built and the various events it has witnessed.

The notorious island of Alcatraz


For example, the Alcatraz Island in San Francisco housed a federal prison, became a ground for protests by the United Indian of All Tribes, and was home to several officers before being designated as a national recreational area and subsequently a national park.

Mount Rushmore Memorial in South Dakota

Sculptured mountain

Similarly, the Mount Rushmore Memorial in South Dakota, where sculptures of four Presidents of America have been carved, has become a unique historical site that draws the attention of tourists, historians, artists, and all other people. This site and many other historical places are an example of how the people and organizations have carried the American heritage in different forms.

Morristown National Historic Park

Another noted historical landmark of America is the Morristown National Historic Park. This park consists of three separate sites that were occupied by army troops during the American Revolutionary War. Visitors can watch the different artifacts preserved here and also work as a volunteer for different positions offered by the park.

Every such place brings along several reflections of the history and offers new avenues of recreation and learning for the visitors. The tourists also get a chance to spend some quality time with their companions, collect souvenirs, click photographs, and take back a plethora of memories back.

Preserved through the ages

The best thing about the historical landmarks of America is that most of these are well preserved till date and have not lost the original structure and charisma. This has been a major breakthrough because if the original structure is altered or ruined, then the charm of antiquity associated with that place is gone. Even the visitors are instructed not to damage any part of the place to retain its original form.

More than an open venue

Rather than just keeping the place open for a visual delight, the authorities conduct several programs and events on a regular basis. Many historical places and some of the portions of these places are also given on rent so that the people can organize personal and corporate events to enjoy a different setting. Thus, the importance of any historical site of America can never be undermined because these places have played a significant role, either directly or indirectly, in shaping the present day America and will be a national asset till eternity or beyond that too!

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