Florida and beyond for a lasting experience

De Soto beach in  Florida

Florida, the ‘Sunshine State’, is a popular city with tourists because of its huge range of attractions. Visitors young and young at heart can immerse themselves in some of the world’s top theme parks. Visit what is uniquely Orlando by taking advantage of amazing experiences like flying through a swamp on an airboat or getting up close with wildlife at Gatorland or SeaWorld’s Discovery Cove and your trip will be one to remember. Some say make it to Florida and you’ve made it to heaven. Why not find out for yourself?

Disney Resort, Orlando

Disney is the world’s most visited entertainment resort where fairy tales take life through exciting entertainment, classic attractions and of course beloved Disney characters. Travel through these lands and see how fantasy becomes reality when you learn how to be a pirate and match wits with funny monsters.

Universal Studios

What’s Florida without Universal Studios? Based in Orlando, this is perhaps the most visited attraction after Disney, and perhaps the number one among adults! Go behind the scenes and jump right into the action of your favourite movies on this film studios. The world’s premier movie and TV based theme park within your reach!

Sea World

There is more to the sea than just lying on the beach, although you can find plenty of beach along the coasts of Florida. But if you fancy peeking under the surface, Sea World will show you how life is bustling in the sea with thrilling activities such as the Sky Tower or Dining with the sharks at the shark’s underwater grill… SeaWorld gives you a life opportunity to explore the blue horizon, wild marine life and journey to Atlantis.

Cruise and Stay Holidays

After feeling the high spirits of Florida’s parks and attractions, why not try the laid-back atmosphere of the Caribbean?
Book yourself on one of the world’s top cruise ships such as Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas or Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Dream for an extra splash of luxury. Experience the powder sand beaches, sparkling turquoise water and palm trees that seem to sway to reggae beats of the Carribbean that you will discover on cruise and stay holidays.
All is not dull on board a cruise ship. Entertainment options are all over the place, from the heart-racing waterslide to the soul-soothing pools. You can do as little as you want or as much as you require.

These are just a few ways that you can plan a holiday that will not be boring or the same the entire way through. Most travel companies will allow you to custom design these types of holidays so that you can add in exactly the types of experiences you want to have. That’s one way to make your holiday a once-in-a-lifetime experience tailored specifically to your needs for an ultimate adventure.


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