Entertainment in Las Vegas

People flock to Las Vegas for its dazzling array of entertainment options of offer. Whether you love Holly from the show Holly’s World or are a devoted Celine Dion fan, you can find Las Vegas shows and concerts that will entrance and captive you during your stay in Las Vegas.

Pick Your Show

You can find a variety of Vegas shows at TI. For a real party in Las Vegas, you have to visit Treasure Island in Paradise, Nevada. Treasure Island constantly hosts margarita parties and dance shows that will leave you wanting more. If you want to enjoy watching beautiful women use their charms on the crowd, then this is the place to go. Treasure Island also regularly hosts parties with Pirates of the Caribbean themes. These parties will give you a chance to dress up and enjoy what it feels like to be a pirate for the day.

Classic Shows

When you go to Las Vegas, you can also find a variety of classic shows. If you are not so much into the drinking scene, then you still have a variety of other options for enjoying your time in Las Vegas. You can go to an Elton John or Celine Dion show at Caesar’s Palace. These shows are very classy events, and you can get dressed up for an evening of fine dining while you watch the show. Being able to enjoy dinner and a show can be a romantic adventure for any person who visits Las Vegas.

You can also find other classic shows in Las Vegas such as Phantom of the Opera and Wicked. Giving someone tickets to these shows makes for a great surprise birthday gift so why not enjoy your time in Las Vegas and surprise a good friend with tickets to Wicked?

Shadow Shows

The shadow shows in Las Vegas make for an exotic and thrilling experience. You will watch beautiful men and women perform seductive dance moves behind a large curtain on stage. With the use of laser lights, this show turns into an incredible experience. Order a few drinks, and you will get lost in the beauty and adventure of this show. Another option that you may want to check out during your time in Las Vegas is the Blue Man Show. The Blue Man Show is an exciting show with men who are literally painted in blue paint.

These are some of the ways that you can live it up during your time in Las Vegas and have an unforgettable experience. You can also ask locals for their recommendations on hot spots in the town, and you will surely not be disappointed.

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