Why make Cape Verde your next destination

Few countries have grown in popularity in recent years as the Cape Verde islands. This beautiful archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic, a few hundred kilometers off the coast of Senegal, went from unknown country to hot destination in less than 10 years time.

You may have seen or read things about Cape Verde, but if you’re not convinced yet, here are 4 reasons why you should definitely visit the country next.

Cape Verde is a stable country

In recent years Cape Verde has seen growth in the number of tourists visiting the country. A part of this growth has been explained by touroperators as a response to the problems in other tourist destinations such as Tunisia, Turkey and Egypt. Cape Verde is seen as a safe destination, a country with a stable political situation.

Compared to the countries mentioned above visitors don’t have to worry about certain safety issues. Cape Verde certainly has its problems, but the people of the country welcome any respectful visitor with the unique sense of hospitality that the country is known for worldwide. Morabeza, as this hospitality is often described, is one of the things people never forget after traveling to Cape Verde.

It still is a ‘new’ destination

Although Cape Verde has become a popular tourist destination, in most places tourism has not changed the identity that is a part of the country. Angelika Neudecker from Switzerland spent 6 months in Cape Verde, and said: “Words that come to mind when describing Cape Verde are untouched, authentic and joyful.” When asked what she experienced on the island of Boa Vista, one of the two islands of the country that receive the most foreign visitors, she says: “Boa Vista also has these qualities.”

There are countless places on different islands in Cape Verde where you can go where you won’t run in to anybody, let alone see other tourists. Your experience traveling to and between these places will not be perfect, partially because of a lack of good infrastructure, but it sure will be unique. The country is a must for travelers looking for an authentic destination.

The country is very diverse

The archipelago of Cape Verde is made up of 10 islands, of which 9 are inhabited. The beauty of a destination such as Cape Verde is its diversity. The 9 islands are very different from each other. Where the island of Maio is mostly flat and known for its incredible beaches, Brava is a great island if you love hiking.

The islands of Cape Verde vary in size, appearance and local culture, among many other things. Life in cities like capital Praia (on the island of Santiago) and the country’s second biggest city Mindelo (on the island of São Vicente) is so much different from life in smaller places such as the countryside of the island São Nicolau.

Cape Verde is full of culture

Cesaria Evora, ‘the queen of Cape Verde’, is known all over the world. Her music has touched many people in a way that it inspired a visit to ‘the country of Morna and Coladeira’. Mindelo, Cape Verde’s ‘cultural capital’, is the place where Cesaria spent most of her life. Mindelo is known for the fantastic events it hosts each year, including Carnival and the Baía das Gatas Festival.

Both of these events are becoming better and bigger year over year, and it’s partially because of these events that visitors are starting to discover that Cape Verde is so much for than paradise beaches and luxury resorts. All of the islands hosts various festivals throughout the year, from traditional festivities, big music festivals to Jazz and theatre.

Cape Verde was among the most searched destinations online, and was the number 1 when it came to increased online searches in the last 10 years. And that is exactly what you should be doing. You can get so much more out of your visit to the country when you’ve done your homework. Research as much as you can before traveling, and you’ll be able to experience a Cape Verde most people unfortunately don’t get to see.

What say you?