Hidden Beaches of Crete

Clear turquoise water

What do we look for in a perfect beach? Clean water, secluded from the weather, not too many people, and certainly no traders trying to sell us the latest in tourist tat. Somewhere perfect to sunbathe, listen to the sea lapping at the sand, and to read the latest John Grisham in peace and quiet. Hidden away on the Greek island of Crete there are some beautiful and special beaches that are pretty much perfect.

Voulissma, Lassithi

Damnoni Beach

On the south coast near Plakias is Damnoni Beach. Just don’t tell too many people about it! You wouldn’t want Leonardo Di Caprio turning up trying to start a commune. The sand is yellow and soft unlike many of the beaches on the south coast. The sea is a crystal green, coloured by the plant life on the sea bed. You won’t find ice-cream vans, so don’t forget to take your own picnic with you.

Milatos Beach

Milatos Beach in Lassithi on the south coast is a bit of a trek to get to – but that’s what makes it even more special. Access is via a dirt track down to the cove however, so it’s generally not suitable for wheelchairs or pushchairs. The beach itself is pebbly and often has some big waves crashing against the cove rocks. It’s one for the romantics rather than the sunbathers.

Myrtos Beach

Also in the Lassithi region is Myrtos beach. What makes this beach particularly outstanding is the quality of the water. The sea is packed with fish, plants and wildlife, which makes it perfect for snorkelling. The small town itself gets few tourists as it doesn’t boast much aside from a few cafes and a church. You certainly won’t find a cash point here! That is partially the reason that the beach itself is often very quiet. The sand is a funny grey colour with pebbles , but the sea is a deep rich blue. Just remember to pack your goggles.

Bali Beaches

The town of Bali on the west coast isn’t one that you would first consider when looking for a quiet beach. The main stretch is made up of sandy coves which are secluded and very popular with families. If you’ve got young children and want to set up camp for the day, it’s very easy to find your own little cove and enjoy the cool waters from the springs that run into the sea. However if you’re looking for somewhere more out-of-the-way, Livadi, which is just up the road has two extremely quiet beaches. The Livadi beaches are only accessible via a footpath that runs towards Kouskouras.

Clear turquoise water

These stunning beaches are the perfect place to while away a summer afternoon having a paddle in the emerald waters. What more could you ask of your holidays to Greece?


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