Back to Cyprus – A Journey To Discover The Meaning Of Life?

Lovely sandy beach in Cyprus

Lovely sandy beach in Cyprus

My Cypriot husband and I are going back to the country of his birth to discover true meaning of life. Research on this beautiful country has become my obsession and in the process of pouring over my husband’s childhood photographs, history books and travel guides I’ve completely fallen in love with Cyprus and I’m convinced it holds the meaning of life – my meaning of life at least, and our trip has become a kind of quest.

My husband talks longingly of his fond memories of the beautiful blue sea and warm air of the Mediterranean, the arid country and the rich architectural history of Cyprus. He draws a lot of inspiration from the buildings in his home city of Nicosia, the nation’s capital. I can’t wait to see them, touch them and breath in their long, fascinating history.

I’m quite a romantic and probably the place I look forward to visiting the most is the exquisite Petra tou Romiou beach near Paphos where, it is said, the goddess Aphrodite emerged from the sea. She is the mythological goddess of love and beauty who raised and then fell in love with the beautiful Adonis. There are stunning, romantic places to stay around this area and I’m sure my own Greek Adonis and I will grow from visiting this place and I feel sure it will open my eyes and heart to more of the person he is.

Being a Greek Cypriot my husband was raised a Greek Orthodox Catholic and although he doesn’t practice the religion we were married in a Greek Orthodox ceremony. This quest in me to understand the meaning of life and understand the religion is strong and I feel a desire to explore the faith and rituals on our journey.

One of my greatest loves is food and Cypriot cuisine is fresh and aromatic and the Turkish presence in Cyprus provides delectable sweet treats. My mother in law makes an amazing Soutzoukos, a sweet fruit and nut log dipped in thickened grape juice and I’m desperate to try other traditional cuisine.

I really can’t think of a place in the world I want to be more than Cyprus and I am secretly hoping that our trip might become more than just a three month holiday. I pray to the gods that nothing comes between us and our search for the meaning of life in Cyprus.

Guest post by Melanie D.


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