5 top family activities in Montego Bay

Blue lounge chair on Montego Bay beach

Jamaica’s Montego Bay is one of the country’s most prominent tourist hot spots, boasting duty free shopping, picturesque scenery and a number of luxurious beaches.

If you’re looking at flights to Montego Bay for you and your kids, we’ve listed our top five family attractions below, ensuring everyone will find something to fall in love with.

Blue lounge chair on Montego Bay beach

Montego Bay Marine Park

Montego Bay Marine Park is a non-profit nature reserve that contains a vast selection of exotic sea life (including stingrays and barracuda) which is sure to keep your little ones entertained and stoke their imaginations.

Other attractions at the park include catamaran rides (with glass floors) and snorkelling tours – both unforgettable experiences that you and your kids will talk about for years to come.

White-water rafting tour

For the more adventurous families out there, white water rafting is an exhilarating way to acquaint you with Montego Bay’s rainforests and canyons.

As you cross the ‘Irie Bridge’ and hike through a short trail in the rain forest, you’ll experience the rush of your live, as you’re swept downstream over (small) waterfalls before heading towards the stunning Caribbean Sea.

Check with your local tour operators for locations and age restrictions, as some tours are unsuitable for children under 12.

Horseback riding

Tranquil and serene, horseback riding along luxurious beaches will prove to be one of the more relaxing ways you can enjoy the sights of Montego Bay, with tour guides who will recount Jamaica’s vivid history with you.

For those still looking for an adrenaline rush, some tours will take you across rainforests or along cliff tops, while other tours feature a swimming section, where your horse will take you through clear waters. Check with local tour operators for minimum age requirements.


A sandy beach with clear, bottle blue water is one of the most enduring images of Jamaica, and for good reason; Montego Bay features numerous luxury beaches, the most popular of which is Doctor’s Cave.

Renowned for its turquoise waters, Doctor’s Cave Beach was owned by Dr. Alexander James McCatty, who opened a sanatorium in Montego Bay in the 1800’s. In 1906, the beach was donated to the community, becoming one of Montego Bay’s most popular tourist attractions.

Rose Hall Beach also boasts crystal clear waters and pure white sands. Considered more of a resort, this beach provides an abundance of activities, including relaxing spas, water volleyball and scuba diving; definitely a popular choice for families.

Aquasol Beach, meanwhile, features the only go-kart racing track in Montego Bay, which is sure to go down well with your children. Beep-beep!

Glistening Waters Marina

While most of Montego Bay’s family attractions are only viable in the daylight hours (it’s unlikely anyone would recommend white water rafting at night!), the Glistening Waters Marina offers something slightly different: sunset tours along the ‘Luminous Lagoon’.

The Lagoon features marine life that emit a luminous glow when the water is disturbed, creating a fantastical yet completely natural light show. It’s also possible to get up close and personal with the lights by swimming through the lagoon’s mineral waters, which is perfect for unwinding at the end of a long day.

Montego Bay is Jamaica’s Friendly City

Although Montego Bay is Jamaica’s Second City, it is first for tourism and arguably friendliness, leading to its nickname “The Friendly City”. Other parts of Jamaica are also highly recommended, including its vibrant Capital, Kingston. But remember that Jamaica is the third-largest Island in the Caribbean (4,442 square miles); so use the ‘Jamaica Destination Guide’ (from the Jamaica Tourist Board), for planning your itinerary. Like every country there are good parts and bad parts, and sticking closely to those recommended is a good bet. The final tip we’d offer is a simple phrase ‘irie’, which means ‘cool/great’ – we think you’ll be using this phrase frequently during your vacation.

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