Top 5 Places For Kids To Explore In the UK In 2020

Let them learn, let them play, let them explore, let them imagine, for the future is what they are. Yes, you’ve guessed it right, it’s children we are talking about. The way they see things and put it out there in the open is different than most. And it’s this organic imagination of theirs that you should be helping them sharpening. But how? Plunging them nose down into books? Fixing their recreation hours? The wisest way to let them sharpen their minds and widen their horizon is taking them to places.

Whatever your child’s interest, we have made a guide on the top 5 places for kids to explore in the UK. Pick any, but cover all as time allows is what we’d suggest.

1. The London Science Museum 

The science museum in London will spark the imagination of your kids in a number of ways. With different dimensions of science served at platter, kids have enough to enjoy.

The museum traces the lines of:

  • Space and time travel
  • A virtual tour of famous global space centers
  • A study about how Climate change works

It’s located at the Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London, SW7 2DD.

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2. Camden Arts Center in London

This art museum is actually an artistic center that hosts art exhibitions. They also host workshops for kids between the ages of 5 to 14 years. Most striking activity that keeps children intrigued at this art center and attend their workshop is that every exhibition displays 1 activity box prepared by the child.  

It’s located at Granary Square, 2 Granary Square, King’s Cross, London, N1C 4BH

3. The Natural History Museum in London

This is an exciting history museum that attracts attention due to its dinosaur theme gallery for children. Another attractive pointer about this museum is that it provides a unique museum guide to all children – Dippy the Diplodocus. Other attractions to look out for at this museum are listed below.

  • There’s a blue whale skeleton that’s 25-meter-long.
  • Children are allowed a sleepover so that they can explore the museum and its adventures at night.

It’s located at Cromwell Road, Kensington, London.

4. The National Space Center at Leicester

What’s a better treat for young scientific brains than a visit to the National Space Center to explore the fascinations of virtual tours to space and much, much more. The best things that kids get to do at this science studio are listed below.

  • They can try their skills at learning how to space walk
  • Learning to control a spaceship – what’s more thrilling at a young age?
  • Mining the traces of moon rock
  • Enjoy a space and science movie at the auditoriums at the high rocket tower

It’s located at Exploration Drive, Leicester, LE4 5NS.

5. The Diggerland Theme Park 

The Diggerland theme park is an absolute delight for kids to explore, enjoy, and have a fun day out without worrying about studies and school. It hosts a total 20 rides and drives for children of all ages. Your bundle will be given one according to the height and the age.

Let them absorb the fun of actual digging, dumping, and constructing.

It has 3 locations in the UK:

  1. Diggerland in Kent
  2. Diggerland in Devon
  3. Diggerland in Yorkshire

Learning can be fun

Get your kid to one of those 5 places and let them learn through these activities especially tailored for them. From science to arts, nature and space, and of course a day out operating real digging machines, kids are bound to have fun and a memorable day out.

What say you?