Holidays in Trujillo, Extremadura

Just ask yourself: why is Spain consistently a popular travel destination time and again over the years?

The answer is quite simple:  Spain has  a lot to offer. There is impressive architecture, great food, breathtaking landscapes and friendly people always willing to have a chat.

Accommodation in Trujillo


One of Spain’s recently rediscovered region is Extremadura, part of the former Roman province Lusitania. As expected, there are forgotten Roman monuments and monasteries waiting to be rediscovered, great stories to be listened to and great food to be tasted.

So if you want to have a nice evening stroll discovering forgotten cobbled streets, listening to stories about conquistadors, but enjoying all the comfort of a modern accommodation, Extremadura, and especially the town of Trujillo, as Extremadura’s gem, seems to be an ideal choice. This way, holidays in rural Spain will be as exciting as a safari and as culturally enriching as a visit to London’s British Museum.

Things you can do in Trujillo

Many. Really many.

  • Art and cooking courses. They are suitable for all levels and are held in a superb location, Villa Piedras Albas. The villa was a former palace and boasts with breathtaking interiors. This play of going to extremes – cobbled streets, olive and lemon gardens and then the amazing interiors of a restored palace makes Trujillo a truly unique place. And it’s not just that you look from the outside; you are now the great chef-to-be or Picasso-to-be who will get the inspiration from this remarkable property.
  • Day trips to Caceres, Guadalupe, Merida, Zafra, Plasencia, Badajoz, Yuste. These are all small towns with rich heritage. Roman ruins, ancient monasteries, statues and monuments will make you stop and just meditate on the very condition of a human being. People, capable of creation, capable of destruction. Mérida (now capital of Extremadura) was actually the capital of the former Roman province.
  • The National Park in Monfragüe is a must see for people who love nature. There are some rare species that can still be spotted here.
  • Enjoy the fares and the Fiestas. There are plenty of them. The National Spanish Cheese Festival, Cabezudos, Castle Plays and many others.
  • Get healthier by spending several days, worry-free. The local food is not only tasty, but healthy as well.

Where to stay?

Six older villas and former palacios have been restored to suit some of the most exquisite tastes. Some are suitable for longer stays, other for shorter.

Why choose this option?

There is room for those who want to experience an aristocrat’s lifestyle, but also for the young ramblers who are in search of a holiday that can cater for their budget, need for freedom but also for the imperative need for comfort.


What say you?