Flanders custom built for cycling

Couple cycling amidst red flowers

Couple cycling amidst red flowers

Flanders is a region seemingly custom built for cycling. With its gently rolling hills and wide cycleways, it’s no wonder the likes of Eddy Merckx hail from this corner of Northern Europe. And, not content with having a slice of cycling heaven on its doorstep, Flanders is also home to great beers and delicious chocolates. Unfair or what?

So, with such an array of features on offer, it’s clear Flanders can be enjoyed by riders of all ages and abilities. The region boasts smooth and safe cycleways for novice riders, as well as more challenging cobbled pathways for those looking for a more energetic holiday.

Professionals can be seen slogging it out in the world-renowned Ronde de Flanders, whilst enthusiasts and retronauts alike can enjoy the now iconic Retro Ronde – a celebration of cycling, clothing and moustaches from a bygone era!

Whilst entrants are strictly limited to riding bicycles and made before 1987, the fun is made to available to all. Because, Flanders is cycling. And, cycling is Flanders.

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