Discovering Huerto Del Cura in Spain

Section of the garden at Huerto del Cura

So you’re going to Spain, and need a place to lay down you head after you have your fill of sightseeing and Spanish cuisine. If you’re looking for a quiet retreat after spending time in the busy streets, then have a look at Huerto Del Cura, home of the National Artistic Gardens.

Section of the garden at Huerto del Cura

World Capital of Palm Trees

It is located in the Alicante Province, inside Elche city. Better known as the World Capital of Palm Trees, Huerto Del Cura became part of the World Heritage in 2001. Along with Santa María Basilica church, and the Municipal Archaeological Museum, the National Artistic Gardens are among the top place to see while in Elche.

The best time to go

Climate wise, it’s along the coastline and in the southern part of Spain, so you can expect a mild climate. Summer temperatures average about 26C, while winters often go down to 7C. It receives very little rainfall, mainly in the fall.

When you book, the only factor that should be considered is the crowds July and August; peak vacation time. Otherwise, you can enjoy this beautiful location all year long.

8 arms palm tree

The historic sites in Spain attract a lot of people, but it also has some nice beaches to relax and lounge on. I can’t think of a better way to see those historic sites than to stay next to one! Huerto Del Cura began as an agricultural orchard, tended by a priest named Jose. The garden now has thousands of trees, including the famous Imperial Palm Tree with 8 arms.

As you walk through the park gardens, under the shade of the trees, you find a natural peace found in very few places around the world. The birds chirp around you, and you can smell the earth and fragrance from all of the plants. Spend a few hours here to unwind and let go of the stress you feel.

Huts at Huerto Del Cura


In terms of accommodation, rather than standard hotel rooms, the Huerto Del Cura hotel has huts placed around the original priest’s garden. The main building features:

  • Bar/Lounge
  • Business Centre
  • Fitness Centre
  • Free High-Speed Internet
  • Children Activities
  • Restaurant
  • Room Service
  • Swimming Pool
  • Wheelchair access

Of course these amenities are mostly just the icing on the cake! The serenity and beauty of the park is priceless.


Once you arrive at the airport in Alicante, there are lots of options to hire a car including Auto Europe. Many of the sites, including the gardens, are spread far apart and sometimes actually outside the main city. Having a car will ensure you get to see all of the beauty Spain has to offer.


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  1. Nice article highlighting a place that doesn’t get talked about enough! I visited Elche a few years ago with some friends that live in the area and really enjoyed the historical side of the town. It’s so nice to see an effect other than castles and military structures that the Arab influence brought to Spain. The Palm Tree Grove was really relaxing.

    1. I quite like that place too. The individual rooms dotted around in the gardens are much better than the big hotel blocks you see along the coast of Spain, answering the demands of mass tourism.

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