5 of the most romantic spots in London

With so much going on in the capital it can be hard for lovers young or old to find a special place where they can just get away from it all and enjoy each other’s company. Here are five of the most romantic places in London where you can both enjoy a really special time together.

Highgate Cemetery

Highgate cemetery where Karl marx is buried

If you thought a date in a cemetery was the sort of thing that only happens in a Tim Burton movie, then think again. The wild woodland and rambling gravestones of Highgate Cemetery make the ideal setting for a gentle stroll, walking arm in arm as you gaze down at the stunning views of the city below.

With its abundance of monuments, its gravestones overrun by tree roots and covered in creeping ivy, the cemetery is a place to follow your own unplanned, meandering path. Along the way you will find plenty of conversational points and the resting places of Marx, George Eliot and Radclyffe Hall.


Primrose Hill

Another locale that allows lovers to look down on the panoramic views of the city below them is Primrose Hill. The quality of the views is unparalleled and you will not be left gasping for breath after the easy five-minute stroll to the top. On a nice day it provides a great spot for a picnic and on cooler days you can snuggle together taking in the sights from the comfort of a bench.

Primrose Hill also has the advantage of being pretty central for all Londoners to reach and it boasts some fine restaurants nearby to round off that first date perfectly.

Boating on the Serpentine

Forget the Thames cruise and all its tourist trappings. A romantic boat trip in London is best done the old-fashioned way: in a rowing boat. A day in Hyde Park crowned by messing about in a boat on the Serpentine makes a perfect romantic interlude to city life. If you are inspired to get down on one knee and propose just make sure you have your balance first!

Albert Embankment

If it is the romance of London that you want as the backdrop to your date then nothing beats a stroll along the Albert Embankment. As the old-fashioned street lights are reflected in the Thames and Westminster Palace twinkles in the background this is one truly atmospheric spot for lovers at night.

Richmond Park

Trees and bushes in Richmond Park


To truly get away from it all nothing can rival Richmond Park. Strolling through the open spaces surrounded by wild deer is such a refreshing change from scurrying to catch a tube through overcrowded corridors. Richmond Park helps to create the space you need to just enjoy being with each other.

The Isabella Plantation must be one of the most beautiful spots in the capital and the mound of King Henry VII grants you unobstructed views stretching down to St Paul’s Cathedral. Take it all in with someone you love.


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