How hotels are getting ready for Christmas 2012

Nice and cosy does it

According to Reading hospitality specialists, demand for hospitality services remains strong despite the recession. Alec Jeeves, director of sales and marketing at one of Reading’s hotels, said, “I would say it’s more buoyant than last year. Weekends remain a challenge but Christmas parties are promising”.

Nice and cosy does it

Gearing up for the season

Hotels that receive a great number of covers and bookings for Christmas parties are getting ready for the holiday season. Solutions are myriad, from offering upgraded hotel TV featuring personalised content for every guest to promising mouth-watering gifts.

Wonka Christmas

Mr Jeeves explains how to attract corporate clients as corporate business is on the up. “We are doing a Wonka Christmas. It’s called Winter Wonkaland and people of Reading seem to have a sweet tooth. It’s hit the nail on the head,” the marketer said.

Offering new media solutions is also effective in attracting corporate clients. Browsing the web and using online apps from the comfort of your room is a great benefit which is now available at certain hotels.

Meeting rooms located on the ground floor are prepared for numerous Christmas parties. Hotels’ dining rooms are adjusted to hosting dinner parties for over 300 people as well as more intimate events.

More treats

Many hotels offer specially tailored Christmas vacations featuring surprises and bonuses including free spa treatments with hydro massage bathtubs and festive Christmas dinners on December 25. To attract more families, certain hotels offer discounts for children.

It’s all about having fun

Despite all the preparations, it’s not only accommodation that attracts visitors. Christmas performances, fairs and markets abound in December are major attractions. For instance, Edinburgh is a popular destination during the holiday season. Bonfire Night fireworks and barbeques, music and dance shows, lighting of the Norweigan Christmas tree, food stalls and pantomime – there’s a lot to be seen in the Scottish capital during the festive season, no matter which hotel you choose.

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