Bizarre Hotels and Travel Accommodation

Fancy staying in this?

Everyone likes a nice hotel but when so many hotels seem to be completely identical it’s sometimes more fun to find a small local B&B with local charm, or an apartment with fantastic views. These hotels will give you an unforgettable experience for their own reasons.

The Crane- Netherlands

Fancy staying in this?

Yep that’s right. It’s a hotel and it’s a crane and it’s not modelled on the avian variety. Although the prices can be very steep (excuse the pun) it’s definitely a hotel stay which you won’t forget. The interior is very smartly decorated and although it isn’t the biggest bedroom you have ever seen, it’s well decorated and cosy. It has state of the art appliances; including showers, T.Vs and audio equipment and you can rotate the crane to get a 360 degree view. The hotel is situated in Harlingen which is about an hour’s drive outside of Amsterdam but closer to Groningen and Heerenveen.

Propeller Island City Lodge – Germany

Do you see me?

This distinctive hotel is located in Berlin and was created with the artistic vision of Lars Stroschen to which he offers the opportunity to “live in a work of art.” The hotel has 30 unique rooms, so you’ll have a hard enough time agreeing with your other half about which one you would like to sleep in. The upside down room offers a different twist but one which could become nauseating or disorienting after a few drinks. The landscape room is well lit and considered as one of the most aesthetically pleasing rooms.

The Hobbit Motel-New Zealand

Living close to ground

The Lord of the Rings films were filmed in New Zealand so it’s only fitting that someone created some accommodation based on the famous ‘Hobbit Huts’. The rooms are embedded into the land and go underground. The rooms are blessed with fantastic views as well as unique charm. The surrounding area is a small town but it is easily accessible to a number of fun activities, including caving and a Kiwi Culture Show. Prices aren’t too prohibitive and the novelty of the rooms will definitely keep the kids entertained.


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