What’s a Cruise & Stay?

A cruiseliner

A cruiseliner

If you’ve ever thought you’d like to try a cruise, but would miss the traditional style of holiday staying in a hotel for a week or two, then a cruise and stay holiday might be just for you.

Cruise and stay holidays offer the combination of cruising and traditional style vacationing. You start by setting sail, cruising for a couple of days till you reach the location of your chosen holiday, and then staying there for a traditional hotel style holiday be it beach or city, before heading home on a cruise ship once more.

Taking time to enjoy the journey to your hotel

Most of us try to make the journey from home to holiday as quick as possible, but find ourselves wasting a good day or more either end because of the nature of the travelling experience.

Cars can break down, planes are delayed, and really what’s the fun of sitting in a terminal waiting for your flight, or standing in a queue waiting for your baggage to be checked in.

If you’re afraid of flying you’ve got to distract yourself from the rising sense of panic that can kick in as you take off, and then there’s the jet lag to deal with afterwards too.

A cruise and stay holiday gets rid of all these things. As long as you pack your beachwear in your carry-on luggage then the moment you step on board your cruise ship, you can begin to enjoy the luxury of travel on a cruise liner.

One cruise to many destinations

Cruises can transport you to a wide variety of locations around the world, and you can enjoy all sorts of different types of holidays while you’re there – from relaxing beach holidays, to exciting adrenalin pumping holidays where you try your hand at scuba diving, sand dune buggy racing or bungee jumping. From tropical paradise to city break, you can combine any style of ‘stay’ you want to with a cruise.

While you’re sailing to and from your ‘stay’, you’ll get to enjoy all the wonderful amenities that are offered on a cruise liner. Fabulous food, room service, night clubs, bars, west end style shows, casinos, luxury spa, salon, shops, and of course plenty of sunshine on deck. Many cruise ships cater for families and have kids clubs aimed at different age groups, as well as offering different styles of dining to suit you and your family from buffet to bistro.

Beginning and ending your holiday with a relaxed few days of luxury on the ocean instead of a frantic fiasco of airports and cars can enhance any holiday experience. So if you’re ready to trade in your traditional stress filled travel for something a little more laid back, try a cruise and stay holiday today.