10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Italy

Italy is famed for its culture, its cities, its glorious food and drink and its iconic family values. The list of positives for visiting this Mediterranean country is almost endless, but if you’re thinking of exploring Italy, these are ten of the best reasons.


1. Mediterranean Food

If you’ve ever enjoyed a pizza, a cappuccino or an ice cream then you’ll know of the wonders of Italian food. Italy provides you with a first hand experience of how true Italian cuisine should be. The Mediterranean diet is rich with fish, herbs and olive oil, and can be very healthy. Meanwhile gelato, Italy’s healthier version of ice cream, is creamy and comes in all manner of flavours to enjoy.


2. Italian Wine

Any wine connoisseur will know of the fantastic drinks created by the vineyard industry in Italy. Tuscany’s Chianti, grown in Castello Vicchiomaggio, is a fantastic wine. And with both red and white wines coming in exceptional quality, enjoying some of Italy’s finest beverages is a must.


3. Shopping

Italy is famed for its shopping, and is home to many iconic designer names. Even though you may not be able to afford it, window shopping can be a huge pleasure as high streets always go out of their way to create as beautiful displays as possible. You’ll find Fendi, Armani, Prada and Dolce & Gabbana as just a few top high-end shops to explore. Milan is its fashion capital.


4. Fountains

If you love water and fountains then Rome is a number one spot as it boasts 280 fountains. Including the iconic Trevi Fountain, La Barcaccia and the Fountain of Triton are two great fountains to see.


5. Cities

Italy has no shortage of stunning cities to explore, and if you’re using the cheapest car rental deals to get around then there’s nothing to stop you discovering lots of different locations. Rome is of course a number one spot to explore for its history. Meanwhile Florence has beautiful art, and Venice will offer a city like none ever visited before.


6. History

Rome has some magnificent historical remains to explore, including The Colosseum, The Forum and Palantine Hill. Elsewhere, Pisa will offer the iconic view of its leaning tower.


7. Walking Tours

The beautiful region of Cinque Terre has been kept free of cars and motorcycles. This UNESCO World Heritage site contains five villages, and its ideal for exploring on foot.


8. Family Values

If you ever wanted to visit a nation where family values are held as a priority, then Italy is it. You’ll notice families enjoying life together as you travel around, adding inspiration for your own life.


9. Exploring by Scooter

Whilst Italy is known for its fantastic car brands, exploring places like Rome by scooter or moped offer a great alternative. And with beautiful countryside also awaiting discovery, you can enjoy walking and cycling through the hills.


10. Sports

Italy is a great country for sports, and as well as cycling’s Giro d’Italia, skiing, winter sports, football and motorsports can be enjoyed.