4 Unmissable Stag Destinations

Don't drink too much!

A stag do is the last day of freedom (or so tradition tells us) to end life as a bachelor and start a new chapter as a loving husband. Before any man can enter marriage it is imperative that he is treated to a night out that he will never forget or remember depending on how you look at it.

Don't drink too much!

Over recent years the ideal for many stag groups is to pack up their suitcases, book the flights and head overseas for a fun-filled weekend in the sun; however with so much choice available the decision-making process can become long-winded and difficult.

Having recently had the privilege of being a best man for my best friend’s wedding I was given the responsibility to arrange the stag party with the help of some of the other groomsmen. After discussion and careful consideration we successfully chose our destination and activities to act as a rite of passage to family life.

Although it all came together successfully in the end, as previously suggested, the process was rather difficult, stressful and long-winded. With such an array of fantastic locations and potential activities available it is easy to become overwhelmed and because of this many best men offload all of the responsibilities to an external stag do planning company. External planners are great if you are short of time, however such convenience comes at higher price therefore if you are operating within a tight budget it is better to be proactive and organise the event yourself.

With all this in mind, below I have highlighted 4 of the best locations to visit for a great weekend away with the rest of the lads.

Las Vegas

Vegas and stag nights reminds me of The Hangover. Undoubtedly this is the champion’s destination of all bachelor party locations. Las Vegas, also known as Sin City, isn’t for the light-hearted or a stag party on budget for that matter. It doesn’t deserve its reputation for nothing!


Ireland’s capital city is a haven of generous hospitality and home to Guinness and traditional Irish Bars. Dublin is without doubt one of the world’s greatest cities and is magical place perfect for a stag weekend full of an array of pubs and clubs. To get the most out of your money remember to look for the best exchange rates on your currency.


Regardless to what you decide to do on your weekend away to Amsterdam hopefully it will be a weekend you remember. Despite popular preconceptions the capital of Holland offers more than just space cakes and ladies of the night. The stag do can be as laid back or fully loaded as you like; with its laidback and cultured setting you may be surprised how much extra the Dutch Capital has to offer.


This is widely regarded as the pinnacle of international stag dos. The Czech capital is a monumental destination to visit and is sure to get all of the lads excited. It delivers quality beers and all in all an amazing looking city.

And a bonus for you:


This location is perfect for stag groups who are after a weekend of guaranteed good weather. With its sun-kissed beaches, manicured golf courses and its alfresco nightlife what’s not to love with the Algarve region? Portugal’s southerly destination is one of the wealthiest regions of the country and has over 70 golf courses. If you are looking for a relaxing stag break and a healthy sun tan combined, this is the ideal destination.

5 tips for caravan holidays

Rows of caravans

A caravan means a great, cheap and mobile exploration of the world (or the country, whatever you prefer.) However, many like to think on the assurance of a good holiday in a static caravan too. As such, there’s a whole load of things to consider going off for a holiday, and not just about dusting the cobwebs out of the corners of a caravan. Here’s a list of some things to think about when considering your next great holiday.

Rows of caravans

Where am I going?

The site is often the most important part of a holiday, so make sure to get it right! If your travels take you to a static caravan, then be aware that being a noisy neighbour is not so welcome. So don’t pack too many drums! You don’t have the same sort of issues if you’re in a single touring caravan, but then there are issues of sanitation, electricity and the like to consider. The Caravan Club is the authority on destination and travel.

How will I get there?

Whether towing a caravan, or going toward the static kind, make sure to take the roads with the least traffic, as you don’t want to be stuck getting to the next stop. Also, for those towing, try to be considerate and avoid single lane roads, as you don’t want to be the man or woman holding people up behind you.

Who am I going with?

It may seem flippant, but you may want to consider the amount of space in a single caravan. Once you start hitting the heights of five or six people, you may want to consider an additional tent, or conveniently forgetting that you ever invited the in-laws. Even two may be tight in a tiny caravan, so don’t spend all your time inside!

What type of insurance can I get to cover my caravan?

There are many types of caravan insurance out there. Going without a provider could prove costly, especially when there are so many choices. Make sure to be pragmatic when buying, because if something goes wrong, it could get much worse without it.

Will I be safe?

Although the Beast of Bodmin may have turned out to be fiction, one can never be too careful against the type of critters that are out there. Make sure to pack bug spray, at the very least. Also avoid areas near water, especially the standing variety.

And don’t forget the basics, good food, water and the odd luxury from home could make your caravan that much nicer. But most of all, don’t forget it’s for the exploration, and the outdoors, that will drive your holiday from a good time to a great one.

Europe’s summer of culture

Mucem - seen from outside

If you’re in need of a cultural fix, then look no further than Europe this summer. From street-long festivals, to the opening of gravity-defying buildings, you’ll have to see most of these things yourself to believe it.

MAY: Art-Athina, Athens

Greece’s largest visual arts event attracts almost 20,000 people from around the world, many coming to collect and exhibit; many more stopping to take in the buzzing atmosphere. Whether you’re a hard-core collector, or just an amateur art-admirer, you’re sure to find something to catch your eye.

JUNE: MuCEM Opening, Marseille

Mucem - seen from outside

The French port city has undergone a massive £6 billion makeover in preparation for its turn as the 2013 European Capital of Culture – and one of the most hotly anticipated events is the grand opening of the Museum of the Civilisations of Europe and the Mediterranean. The 236-foot building is in the shape of a perfect square, covered with concrete lace and boasts a suspended rooftop footbridge. It’s unlike anything Marseille (or France for that matter) has ever seen before.

JULY: Biennale, Venice

The world-famous Biennale has come round again, packing the canals with some of the biggest names in art. The Encyclopedic Palace is the theme for this year, with 88 National Participations exhibiting at the Giardini and the Arsenale. However, if art isn’t your forte, there are plenty of other events and exhibitions – the 70th Venice Film Festival runs from August-September, followed by the Music Biennale from 4-13 October.

AUGUST: Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Edinburgh

The largest arts festival in the world, Scotland really puts on a show over August – last year there were no less than 2,695 shows over the 25 days. How’s that for a culture fix? The festival encompasses everything – mainly comedy and theatre, but also dance and music. It’s the kind of place where anything goes! As well as the shows, there’s also a street fair along the Royal Mile. You’re welcome to join in the festivities or simply sit back and soak up the atmosphere.

SEPTEMBER: International Literature Festival, Berlin

Slow down the pace and head to Germany for readings from budding poets and writers. The annual festival features an array of culturally diverse talents – over 150 authors from around the world will offer up their work for discussion and debate. You’ll definitely walk away from this one having learnt something.

OCTOBER: Kulturnatta, Gothenburg

As summer slowly fades, head north to the Swedish city of Gothenburg for the city’s night of culture. Think theatre performances, live music, poetry readings, film screening, and so much more – all the venues open their doors to the public with many of the events offering free entry.

Sounds interesting? So pack your bags, apply for some extended leave and get going. Make sure you get some insurance protection for such a complex trip across Europe.


Where would you go if Your Kids Planned Christmas?

Safari for Christmas?

This is an interesting question. There would no doubt be hand prints of chocolate on the walls, where the kids have demolished their Advent calendar in one foul swoop. However, putting the Christmas holiday itinerary in their hands isn’t such a bad idea; it might just lead to some surprising and creative destinations. In lieu of generic holiday hotspots like Ibiza or Benidorm, the kids might opt for off-the-beaten-track locales that take you into a whole new adventure. Here are two suggestions for a Christmas holiday that might pique the kids’ interests.

A Safari in Africa


Safari for Christmas?

Visit a family-friendly camp in the bush where you and your brood can stay in cottages and partake in family-centred activities that will keep the kids amused and amazed. At the Safari Houses of Zambia, you can make seed pod necklaces, take guided walks, and participate in bush craft courses. Much more than a traditional – and passive – game-safari tour, the Safari Houses offers a swimming, canoeing, mountain biking, and local community tours. With the added excitement of spotting animals in their native habitats, this will surely be a trip to remember.

Finnish Lapland For Santa’s Annual Bon Voyage Party

If the kids were in charge of deciding a Christmas destination, Lapland holidays with Santa’s Lapland might be the closest thing you can find to a no-brainer. After all, this is the place that claims to be the home of the jolly fat man himself, where Father Christmas descends from his icy kingdom and embarks on his yearly gift-giving pilgrimage. This attraction is exciting enough, but Finnish Lapland offers a whole lot more than Santa sightings.

Other things to do in Lapland include dog sledding, a fabulous way to get up close and personal with the strong and beautiful husky dogs who love nothing better than speeding across the snow with a family in tow. You can also opt for sleighs of the reindeer variety, which naturally appeals to kids who want to get closer to Rudolph than storybooks and cartoons ever allowed.

With a little night-time curiosity and a dash of patience, families visiting Lapland can also catch a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis as it shimmies over the Arctic sky in a rainbow of morphing colours.

Tips for Christmas Peace on Earth (and among family members)

Keeping the peace with the kids will old fashioned preparation and planning ahead. Make sure there’s enough water and emergency snacks to prevent midday histrionics. Be sure to work out where the toilets are, from any given point on the map. Also, remember you’re on holiday; stop when the kids want to stop, even if it’s to look at some fluttering leaves.

Planning a holiday according to your children’s wants and whims isn’t as crazy as you thought. It could just make you feel like a child again.

3 ways to go on a budget family holiday

Biking holidays

Taking a holiday with the family is one of the best ways of breaking up the routine and giving everyone a great time.

Sadly, the cost of getting away from it all can be what puts a lot of families off the idea of enjoying a break like that. If you want to enjoy a more exciting summer but aren’t sure whether your budget stretches to a trip away then here are some tips for doing it without spending a fortune.

Biking holidays

Go Camping

One of the best ways for a family to get a fantastic holiday at a low price is to go camping. There are wonderful campsites all over Europe and many of them are set in some of the continent’s most popular tourist resorts. As an example, if you choose to go camping in Italy you can enjoy lovely places such as Lake Garda, Tuscany, Sicily and many other top destinations. As well as this, you can also choose to go to more out of the way spots if you want to be far from the crowds. Specialist firms will give you plenty of choice, from mountain and lake holidays in the Alps to beach holidays on the French Riviera or Italy’s Adriatic coast.

Go Self Catering

Even if you don’t go to a campsite you can still take heed of one of the best advantages of this kind of trip. Self catering trips are very effective for budget conscious families. You can still eat out in restaurants whenever you want to but you also have the option of saving cash by cooking. It is also the opportunity to explore local markets and discover fresh local produce.

Self-catering also enables you to mix and match and avoid the kids getting bored by either eating at home each day or going to restaurants for every single meal. This is the preferred method for families with fussy eaters in them, as well as letting the parents ensure that their kids get healthy, balanced meals.

Stay Closer to Home

Of course, if money is the problem you might find that staying closer to home is a smart bet too. UK residents who haven’t yet explored their country will find lots of special places to explore. From the majestic Highlands of Scotland through the spectacular Irish coastline and on to the stunning Welsh mountains and picturesque Cornish villages there is something here for everyone. Getting away to a foreign country now and then is a great idea but if you can’t do it this year then staying closer to home isn’t going to be a decision you regret as there is plenty to do around the UK.

Discover the real Benidorm

Balcon Del Mediterraneo

If the mention of Benidorm just conjures up the recent TV parody and sends shivers down your spine, then you are doing this Spanish holiday resort a real injustice!

Benidorm may be the Costa Blanca’s most popular holiday resort with a huge influx of tourists every year, but it is also full of wonderful cultural landmarks. So don’t cross it off your cheap holidays in the Med list just yet. Take a look at what else there is to explore besides beaches and a hedonistic nightlife when taking advantage of cheap holiday deals.

Balcon Del Mediterraneo

The Old Quarter

As with lots of Mediterranean resorts, Benidorm started out as a quiet fishing village and the essence of this can still be found in its Old Quarter. You’ll discover narrow cobbled streets and whitewashed buildings decorated with blue tiles. This includes the 18th Century San Jaime Parish Church, complete with its blue-tiled domed roof. Take in the fantastic views over Levante Beach from Plaza de San Jaime and see where Benidorm’s castle once stood at Plaza del Castell. Spend some Euros on fine leather goods and of course souvenirs in the inviting shops.

San Jaime Parish Church

Perched on the Canfali hill, this pretty but unassuming neoclassical church is dedicated to the patron saint of Benidorm, the Virgen del Sufragio. Inside the recently renovated church you’ll see her chapel and beautiful frescoes in the vault. Oh and the view from up here is pretty amazing too.

Balcon del Mediterraneo

The Balcony of the Mediterranean or Castle Viewpoint as it’s also known should definitely not be missed either. The Balcon del Mediterraneo is situated on the rock that separates Benidorm’s two beaches, Playa Levante and Playa Poniente. In its heyday it was a fortress used to protect from invaders, but today all that remains are its ruins. Even so its blue tiles and whitewashed beauty look fantastic against the blue of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Bull Ring

Bullfighting is or should we say was very much a part of Spain’s culture. In recent years the sport has been banned in many areas and now bull rings are used as venues for music concerts and other events. The Bull Ring is fairly young compared to Benidorm’s other landmarks as it was only built in 1962. However that is still 51 years ago and last summer it celebrated its 50th birthday.

Benidorm may have suffered in the past from some negative stereotyping. However if you ignore this and visit with an open mind, you like thousands of others will be more than pleasantly surprised with what awaits you. There is plenty to see and do – so much that you may even find that you cannot fit it all in on one visit, being you will end up coming back again and again!

Picture credit: Clare Moylan

3 great holiday destinations for families

The magical world of Disneyland

For many, the annual summer holiday is an occasion that the whole family look forward to – you and your partner look forward to a break from the usual routine of everyday life, and your children become excited about the prospect of long days playing on the beach and splashing around in the pool.

But, often finding the perfect holiday that caters for all of you can often be a hard task; the children want somewhere that they can run riot, make friends and explore, but you want somewhere that offers a little bit of peace and quiet, is cost effective and safe for you all. Surely, there’s not a great deal of destinations that tick all of the family boxes though, right?

Well, believe it not, there is. Because, to help you go on the ultimate family holiday this year, here’s my guide to the 3 best holiday destinations that all the family can enjoy.

1. Walt Disney World, Florida

The magical world of Disneyland

When you think of the term ‘children’s holiday’, what’s the first place you think of? I’m sure it’ll be the magical land that is Walt Disney World – after all, it offers everything that kids dreams are made of.

But, aside from being what many think is purely a children’s destination, Walt Disney World is perfect for adults too – it simply is a once-in-a-lifetime destination for all families. Children will love meeting all of their favourite Disney characters in person and will love watching the vibrant parades that take place in front of the world famous Disney castle.

But as your children take in all of the excitement, there’s lots to do for you too – from eating at great restaurants and bars, browse the stores and go rides like the thrilling Space Mountain.

But, as well being surrounded by the magic, Walt Disney is the perfect place to make your own magical memories – that’ll stay with all of the family forever.

2. Lanzarote

If you’re looking for the perfect sun, sea and sand holiday to take your whole family on, then Lanzarote is a definite must. Located off Spain’s South West coastline, Lanzarote offers perfect weather, picturesque sceneries, vibrant culture and plenty of fun for the children. There are plenty of family resorts in Lanzarote, with most letting you choose the option of all-inclusive or self catered, so you can tailor your holiday perfectly to your own family’s requirements.

Many of Lanzarote’s hotels and resorts also have world-class kids clubs, so that when you want to go and explore the island with your loved one, you can rest assured your kids are in great hands – they’ll make friends, play fun sports, and do hundreds of great activities put on specially for them by the holiday reps.

And, when you want to spend your days all together, Lanzarote has a plethora of great water parks with hundreds of rides both for children and the adults. So, with so much to do and see – all available at affordable prices – it’s no wonder holidays in Lanzarote are so popular with families.

3. France

So, we’ve given you an adventure holiday and a beach holiday as some of the best holiday destinations for families, but what happens if you want to go on a city break with the kids? Well, if that’s at the top of your family holiday agenda for 2013, then France is the perfect location to do so.

It’s great to take children when they’re young to places that they learn about in school. And as the home to the great Eiffel Tower, Paris is the perfect location to do so. You can take them on an adventure to the very top of this world famous monument and watch as they look over the city in amazement – do it at night and then view from the top is spectacular. Taking them to a French city is also a great way to teach them a few language skills – buy a book before you go and learn some basic words, and you and the children can have fun trying out the things you’ve learnt! Failing all this, take the whole family to the south of France to bask in the sun and rural countryside amid peace and quiet.

Golf holidays around Quinta do Lago in Algarve

Not just golf but also beaches - Praia da Marinha

When thinking about holidays in Portugal, one of the most popular destinations which comes to mind is often the Algarve. The southernmost region in the country presents holidaymakers with a range of sun-kissed beaches, brilliant family days out and plenty of places for entertainment.

However, the resort is also cherished by tourists for its brilliant sporting facilities, which is highlighted by its superb golf courses. To get an idea of why families keep on going back for a spot of golf in the Algarve, you only need to look at the Quinta do Lago resort.

Not just golf but also beaches - Praia da Marinha

What makes Quinta do Lago so eye-catching?

Those of you who are looking to enjoy a great golf holiday in the Algarve have so many reasons to give due consideration to the Quinta do Lago resort.

For starters, the golf course’s location is truly astonishing. Upon reaching the southern corner of Portugal, holidaymakers will find that the resort is hidden away around almost 1,600 acres of pine forest. There are also a variety of lakes dotted around the destination to add to the allure.

Even when taking a break from playing golf, tourists have so much to see and do. Within a stone’s throw away from Quinta do Lago, you will find a large stretch of gorgeous sandy beaches. As well as catching the rays, these beaches allow you to experience the thrills of water-skiing, windsurfing, scuba diving or sailing in warm and inviting waters.Flamingos in the Ria Formosa National Park

Meanwhile, those hoping to enjoy a great day out should venture over to the beautiful Ria Formosa National Park, where you can enjoy a relaxing stroll while watching such fascinating birds as the purple heron, white storks and egrets fly over your heads.

The renowned history of Quinta do Lago

Once the sightseeing has been completed, holidaymakers will be able to enjoy a spot of golf on a collection of award-winning courses.

The South Course of the resort, for example, has played host to no less than eight Portuguese Open tournaments over the years and is so iconic that it was included in Golf World Magazine’s ‘Top 100 Golf Courses in Europe’ last year.

Meanwhile, the newest of Quinta do Lago’s three courses, Laranjal, was heralded as the ‘Best Golf Course’ during the 2011 Portuguese Travel Awards (Publituris) ceremony.

If you decide to tee up at the Quinta do Lago resort, you can also take comfort in the fact you will be playing on the same green as Colin Montgomery, Justin Rose, Padraig Harrington, Ian Poulter and Ernie Els all plied their trade in the past.

Watching the greats of tomorrow at Quinta do Lago

Those heading on Algarve golf holidays and have the Quinta do Lago resort in mind may be wise to push their getaway back to the autumn though.

This is because the attraction will welcome 21 young finalists through its clubhouse doors between October 9th and 11th 2013, who will compete in the climax of the Telegraph BMW Junior Golf Championship.

To get a grasp of the prestige surrounding this tournament, Justin Rose, Melissa Reid, Tom Lewis and Rebecca Hudson have all been finalists in the event in previous years.

Paul McGinley, who was recently announced to be the Europe team captain for the 2014 Ryder Cup, commented: “I’m delighted to be supporting the 2013 Telegraph BMW Junior Golf Championship. For more than 25 years, the championship has given junior golfers throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland the chance to be part of the biggest junior golf competition in the world.

“The calibre of champions over the years illustrates this is one of the ‘Majors’ on the junior golf circuit and a great starting point for many in their golfing careers. I’m looking forward to meeting the finalists at Quinta do Lago in October when they will experience the trip of a lifetime. Good luck to everyone taking part this year.”

On a side note, budding golfers who are eager to show off their skills on an international platform should keep an eye on tournament details to see where the next opportunity is taking place.

In the meantime, to make sure that you don’t miss a minute of the action in the Algarve, and ensure that your holiday is centred on the sport you love, booking up with a specialist travel agent will give you that added peace of mind.

My Road Trip in Europe

Boat on the shore of Lake Como

When my friend and I talked about going on a little road trip, we debated for over 2 hours about which country to go to. Then we realised that by heading into Europe, we could a number of the countries we wanted to visit – and have lots of good meals on the way!

Boat on the shore of Lake Como

A starting point

Our trip started with a budget air flight out to Milan, north Italy. Milan is an incredible place for shopping, often being referred to as “the fashion capital of the world”. Sadly we had spent a fair chunk of our budget on the hire of a somewhat chunky looking Honda, so there would be no impulsive shoe shopping for us. However Milan is great for the popular sport known as “people watching”. If you can’t get to a fashion show, the next best thing is to sit in the Piazza del Duomo with a glass of wine and watch the parade pass by!

Visiting George Clooney

A night in Milan, and then on to Lake Como – one of the beautiful Northern Italian lakes. This is where the chunky hire car came unstuck. Around the lakes, you realise why the Smart Car is such a popular choice. The roads are incredibly narrow, windy and not well maintained. The locals also have a tendency to drive like they have stolen their Smart Cars after drinking 3 bottles of Prosecco and robbing a bank. I lost count of the number of times I clipped the curb, resulting from true fear at the terrifying speed of the oncoming traffic.

We headed along the coast to Villa Oleandro in Laglio – the home of George Clooney. Sadly he wasn’t accepting visitors that day (even visitors armed with 3 bottles of Prosecco and a prospective script for Oceans 15). However a superb meal in La Locando del Cantiere, a traditional restaurant in the town made me feel better. Possibly the best cooked steak I’ve ever eaten.

After a couple of peaceful nights staying in a lovely little self-catering flat up in the hills. The road trip plan was clear – Switzerland.

A change of climate

Rather than take the main toll roads into Switzerland, I chose a more scenic route from Lake Como – north to Gravedona, then along the SS36 to Chiavenna. From there we travelled along the SS37 to St Moritz – the whole journey taking less than an hour and a half. But what a journey! It was sunny, around 20 degrees in Italy. But as we travelled further into the mountains, the temperature dropped drastically. Within 20 minutes we were surrounded by snow. Not ugly, British, sludgy snow. Pure white, glorious sunshine snow. The roads were pristine. It was the kind of drive that Jeremy Clarkson would have given up his Mercedes SLK55 for.

Eating out in St Moritz is expensive. I was lucky enough to stumble upon the Hauser Restaurant that served sort-of reasonably priced Swiss food. I won’t dare to mention how much a toasted sandwich will set you back, but the potato rosti with sausage were delicious and perfect for the freezing temperatures.

Homeward bound

The final leg of the road trip was from St Moritz to Strasbourg in France. A word of warning, the border staff have little sense of humour. Just nod and smile. The route through Switzerland on the A3 is as picturesque as a main road could ever be, but the toll charges are heavy. What makes up for this however is the fact that service station bathrooms are the cleanest you would ever see. Kim and Aggie should take notes.

Dinner was courtesy of Tibits in Basel. This is a vegetarian restaurant. Now I like bacon more than anyone, but I have to say the food was well worth the 2 hour drive from St Moritz. The restaurant has oddest buffet set up I’ve ever known – you take what you would like to eat and then have your plate weighed. The price depends on the weight of dinner, but the food is fresh and delicious.

The last leg

Finally over the border into France. The journey from Basel to Strasbourg takes about an hour and a half along the A35. I would love to say that my last road trip meal was at Umami, but sadly even George Clooney would struggle to get a table. However L’Epicerie were open and serving delicious Tartines (basically cheese on toast). It cost a little less than a Swiss toasted sandwich, but made me feel happy, especially after getting the final bill for the chunky Honda.


Searching for the Five Star in Florida

Your own island

Holidays in Florida can only be described as fun in the sun; why else would it have been nicknamed the Sunshine State? It isn’t all crowds, fast-paced rides and theme parks however and those who desire to find luxury holidays in Florida will be pleased to learn of Orlando’s many idyllic, neighbouring resorts.

When we think of Florida, we often associate it with the Walt Disney World Resort – one of the most renowned theme parks to date. However, despite boasting a playground to both children and children at heart, it is also home to a number of luxury resorts, many of which offer ultimate relaxation.

Your own island

Sandpiper Bay

Sandpiper Bay, located just two hours from Orlando and Miami, is one such indulgent resort. Despite showcasing a large element of relaxation however, it’s suited to both families and sportsmen.

Budding golfers can perfect their swing at one of the 15 courses in the surrounding area, whilst fitness fans can try their hand at a beach workout. Other popular activities include sailing down the St Lucie River, exploring nearby Miami on a Harley Davidson and sharpening up your tennis skills with an expert coach.

St Petersburg, Clearwater and Tampa Bay

Those searching for a picture-perfect beach will need to head west on the coastline, where you will find the shore enveloped by inviting, golden sands. St Petersburg, Clearwater and Tampa Bay are just a few of the more renowned beach spots, boasting powder-soft sands and clear blue waters.


Further South stands the sophisticated Naples, a popular hangout with the chic individuals amongst us. The Everglades National Park is another must-see resort and is home to a range of wildlife including crocodiles and manatees.

Florida Keys

Diving enthusiasts looking to indulge in a little laid-back luxury will certainly welcome an opportunity to visit the southernmost tip of Florida – the Keys. Wander the sand-fringed shores barefoot, switch off and get ready to chill.

When you long for a little life, the sharp contrast of nearby Miami boasts the ultimate haven for those that love to party. Miami also boasts a little more culture than anywhere else in Florida, with Spanish influences and its art-deco legacy.

Little Venice

If you want more than just leisurely activities, head to the east coast. Here you will find Little Venice, the NASA Kennedy Space Centre and Fort Lauderdale. All of these travel hot spots boast a backdrop of the dramatic Atlantic Sea – the ideal holiday hotspot.